mba fast track

Beginning in the 2023-2024 academic year, Concordia University reintroduced its MBA Fast-Track program, previously branded as Business Achievement Fast-Track, to inspire and encourage undergraduate students to think about the next step in their educational journey. Through this 4+1 program, students can apply MBA courses toward their undergraduate and graduate requirements, ultimately allowing them to complete both degrees in five years.

This offering is separate from our Business Scholars Program and has unique features, making it more attainable for a larger population of undergraduate students. Program highlights include:


Unlike the Business Scholars program, which is only open to business majors, the Fast-Track program is available to all undergraduate students, whether majoring in art, chemical engineering, or any of Concordia’s 100+ undergraduate programs. Opening this program to various educational backgrounds leads to richer discussions, as unique experiences and perspectives are shared in the classroom. It also appears to be the trend. Unlike MBA programs of the past, today, on average, non-business majors make up more than half an MBA class across a large sample of programs (Morris, 2021, as cited in Mullane, 2023).

Expedited Admissions

Once a student has completed 60 undergraduate credits with a 3.25 cumulative GPA or higher, they can apply to the Fast-Track Program via a simple web form. Students then take up to four MBA courses while finishing their undergraduate degree. After graduation, Fast-Track students apply for the remaining portion of the MBA program but do not have to submit an essay, resume, or letters of recommendation.

Cost Savings

Fast-Track students take up to four MBA courses as part of their regular Fall and Spring semester course load at the undergraduate tuition rate. As undergraduate students pay a flat semester fee for up to 18 credits, this equates to four “free” MBA classes since the classes can fulfill both undergraduate and graduate requirements. Furthermore, once students graduate with their bachelor’s degree, the Alumni Scholarship can be applied to the remainder of the MBA program.

Time Savings

Students who participate in this 4+1 program have the opportunity to complete both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years instead of the usual six, allowing them to enter the job market early with a strong business foundation applicable to a variety of industries.


Concordia’s MBA program offers classes in three modalities: online/asynchronous, virtual via Zoom, and in-person, allowing busy undergraduate students to choose the class format that fits their schedule. MBA students also select one of 14 concentrations to tailor their degree to meet their interests.


Taking advantage of this expedited opportunity will increase graduates’ marketability when landing their first job after college, especially when pairing a more traditional liberal arts major with an MBA. For example, English majors could pursue an MBA in Communications and Public Relations, significantly widening their skill set upon graduation and increasing job marketability.


After reviewing the benefits of Concordia’s MBA Fast-Track program, interested students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor for more information or directly apply for the program. 

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