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I asked ChatGPT to review the top reasons to attend CUW and here’s what it had to say.

Ever since ChatGPT’s public launch two months ago, it has had people in a tizzy over its ultra-sophisticated AI capabilities, as well as the potential ethical pitfalls such a tool presents. If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT, here’s a basic description of what it is and what it does.

Now, as a writer, I’m sure you can appreciate the reservations I have about a free tool that generates original copy in minutes (i.e. basically does my job). Given all the hype, however, I thought it would be interesting to test ChatGPT’s capabilities when it comes to Concordia. I asked it to “list the top reasons to attend Concordia University Wisconsin,” and here’s what it came up with.

Top reasons to attend Concordia University Wisconsin

Christian focus

What ChatGPT had to say: Concordia University Wisconsin is a Christian university and incorporates Christian values and teachings into its curriculum and campus culture.

What it missed: I’d argue that we don’t just incorporate Christianity, it’s the basis of all that we do. Sure, we don’t always “do life” perfectly, but when there’s a question or decision to be made, I can confidently say that Concordia’s leaders and community turn to Scriptures for the answer and seek to have God’s Word inform our practices. It’s part of not only our Christian identity, but our Lutheran tradition to hold God’s Word as the inerrant truth.

Small class sizes

What ChatGPT had to say: The university prides itself on small class sizes, which allow for individualized attention and personalized learning experiences.

What it missed: Yes, we’re proud of the fact that we have an 11:1 student-to-teacher ratio and an average class size of 16, because we firmly believe that a personalized education is the best education. But it’s not just the small class sizes that make us unique. It’s the combination of our “big-school opportunities” paired with this personal approach. At Concordia, students can be confident they’re getting the best of both worlds.

Wide range of academic offerings

What ChatGPT had to say: Concordia offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, in fields such as business, education, nursing, and theology, that are designed to prepare students for successful careers.

What it missed: We have more than 70 undergraduate programs, 50-plus graduate programs, and six doctoral offerings, to be more specific. Half of our academic schools are devoted to health care-related fields. In fact, we cover virtually every health care career you could want with the exceptions of MD and dentistry. We also offer a variety of business and education-related degrees, as well as a wide range of degrees in the arts and sciences.

ChatGPT also fails to mention Concordia’s impressive job placement/graduate school rate (95.2%) and the fact that a majority of outgoing students who are surveyed each year say that their academic program helped them develop skills needed to be successful in life.

Experienced faculty

What ChatGPT had to say: The university’s faculty members are experienced professionals in their fields, and they are dedicated to providing a high-quality education to their students.

What it missed: Nearly 90% of our full-time faculty hold terminal degrees and the rest are working towards them. Many of these individuals continue to be practitioners in their fields as well, contributing to important research or serving the community through their lens of expertise. Unlike big state schools, where students may never actually have [insert name of impressive professor here] as their teacher, Concordia students are actually taught by the experts, not a TA.

Extracurricular activities

What ChatGPT had to say: The university has a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations that students can participate in, including sports teams, music groups, and volunteer organizations.

What it missed: Concordia is ahead of the game with many of its sports teams, offering unique athletic programs that provide individuals from all walks of life and with all types of athletic interests an opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. Music offerings are robust as well, with a total of 12 ensembles to choose from. And there are no shortage of opportunities to get involved or step into leadership roles through student groups like SGA or CAB.


What ChatGPT had to say: The university is located in Mequon, Wisconsin, a suburban area near Milwaukee, which offers access to a variety of cultural, recreational, and job opportunities.

What it missed: Uh, how about that gorgeous view of Lake Michigan?!?!

Strong support services

What ChatGPT had to say: The university offers a range of support services, including academic advising, career counseling, and mental health services, to help students succeed both academically and personally.

What it missed: Our support services are so awesome that they regularly make the news for the exceptional or forward-thinking approaches – like the time CUW was featured in The Washington Post for our exemplary approach to mental health services or when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel detailed how Concordia’s Academic Resource Center is putting in the extra work to help post-pandemic students who are struggling.

Want in?

There are many more reasons to like Concordia. The best way to see if the university is the right fit for you is to pay us a visit. Schedule a stop today!