Busy work schedules, family responsibilities, and a host of other conflicts can make the road for adults pursuing an accelerated degree long and never-ending!

CUW Accelerated Students…You Are Not Alone!

Busy work schedules, family responsibilities, and a host of other conflicts can make the road for adults pursuing an accelerated degree long and never-ending!  At those times when you need a little boost, remember you are not the only one on this path. You are not alone!  Others have done this and others are doing it!  So can you!

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

Megan Alig (CUW ’19) who completed her CUW Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Business and Human Resource Management after floundering for over two years in search of the right program at the right school recently commented:

“After a few years working as a store manager of a major retailer, I realized I loved business management and supporting my employees. I decided to give education one more try so I could earn the credentials to reinforce my experience in the field.

My schedule was not always a set 40-hour work week. Depending on the time of the year, I could work up to 60 hours a week. Initially, I thought going to a university would be impossible. I needed something that could fit into my busy work schedule.  I knew my options were limited UNTIL I discovered Concordia University Wisconsin. Their flexible, self-paced online programs were instrumental in helping me obtain my dreams of earning my degree. I was able to earn my bachelor’s degree in business management and human resources management as a double major entirely online.

Six months prior to graduation, I landed an exciting career working in human resources for a large organization at their corporate office. The highlight of my education was seeing this dream come to fruition through hard work and dedication.  Know that you don’t have to have it all figured out.  Everyone’s path is different.  Even though I finished my degree later in life than I wanted to, I am truly grateful to Concordia for giving me the opportunity to pursue my online degree on my own terms.”

Busy Adult Students Share Their Tips.

Is this you?  When it’s difficult to keep the momentum going, remember Megan!  Or consider the impactful comments of other engaged accelerated students who have started or finished before you:

“I needed the Christ-centered focus in my life.” -Antoinette Gregory, Accounting

“I work full-time (3rd shift) and am a single mom.  The once-a-week class definitely works with my schedule.”– Janell Ferrell, Medical Assistant

“Time management is the key. I need to plan time for myself.  Dropbox is helpful, too.  I can access my documents anywhere.” – Jeri Lubeno, Human Resource Management

“Well, to be honest, I login in at least once per day to stay on top of the course requirements and material.” – Robert Skinner, Online Business Management from Dixie, GA

“Classes are going well. I’ve been learning a lot.  I love that we incorporate Christ in lessons!” – Karly Ernster, Online Business Management, Bothell, WA

“My advice would be to stay on top of assignments. I think self-motivation is the hardest part about online classes!  Once you fall behind, it is hard to catch back up.” – Brittany Meillier, Human Resource Management

Others have done this and others are doing it! So can you!

“Don’t procrastinate. Don’t let life get in the way. Finish ALL of the work before you move on to the next to-do!  Being proactive will save you time, stress, and money. You can always finish, just as I did.” – Rick Kwiatkowski – Completing Business Management degree after a 17-year hiatus

Best Practices for Accelerated & Online Learning.

Whether you have already started your accelerated academic degree journey or just beginning, take heart in these messages from others walking in your shoes!  Embrace these best practices for completing your degree through Concordia’s Accelerated & Online programs:

  • Read the syllabus: The syllabus is your road map for the entire course.  Note the grading guideline and course expectations.
  • Plan study time each day: Time management is vital for accelerated students. Successful students plan time each day to study.
  • Logon at least four times per week: Check your CUW email frequently, course announcements, and assignment feedback. Being an active member of your learning community will enhance your learning experience.
  • Submit work weekly: If you cannot submit work weekly or meet a posted due date because of significant issues, contact your instructor immediately!
  • Ask questions: CUW instructors expect students to ask questions. Make your questions count by being clear and concise in your wording.
  • Be active in discussions: Reading and thoughtfully responding to group- discussion questions or instructor feedback are essential for learning.  Discussions build community with other learners and with your instructor.

Remember, you are not alone!  You can do this!

Need help? Have questions?  Please contact centers@cuw.edu to request the appropriate staff member to provide assistance.

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