2019 alumnus Daniel Reh

We recently chatted with 2019 alumnus Daniel Reh, who currently serves as the Karenni Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Freistadt, in Mequon.

The word “Karenni” refers to the people of eastern Burma. Reh, who is originally from Myanmar, moved with his family in 2009 to the U.S., where they settled in Milwaukee. He is now married to 2019 CUW alumna Joleen (Gravelle) Reh. They met while attending school at Concordia.

Question: How do you connect to the Concordia mission? In what way have you lived out the mission?

Answer: “I connect to the Concordia mission through our own church and school missions. Our church’s mission statement at Trinity Freistadt says, ‘We grow in His Word. We serve in His world. We join in His mission. Together.’ Our school mission statement says, ‘A passion for learning. A heart for Christ.’ The key value that Trinity church and school share with Concordia in missions is to help God’s people or students grow in their relationship with Jesus and to equip them for service to Christ in the Church and the world. As a pastor and teacher, I have the privilege of living out Concordia mission weekly through preaching and teaching.”


Question: How did Concordia equip and prepare you for life after college?

Answer: “Concordia gave me a well-rounded and balanced education, which made me a better citizen and prepared me for society. The pre-seminary program equipped me well not only for seminary, but also for ministry. The books I read, discussions I had with professors, and lectures that I sat through come back to me in my ministry. Most importantly, the Christ-centered community of Concordia shaped me as a Christian and showed me the importance of being part of a community, especially a community of believers. I find great joy and comfort in being part of a good and Christ-centered community at Trinity and knowing we always have support from one another.”


Question: What is the most valuable lesson you learned while at Concordia?

Answer: “Care and compassion. While at Concordia, I struggled with school, especially during my first two years. I was often too shy to ask others for help. But seeing how much our professors value their students gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone to seek their help. Through the process, I learned that our professors truly care about their students and are willing to give grace where it’s needed.”


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