It’s Admissions Week at Concordia University Wisconsin. All week we’re featuring different reasons and ways for you to enroll at this place that over 8,000 current students affectionately call home. Each day you will be introduced to different faculty and staff and meet some current and future students who, together, make up our big, happy, uncommon family.

Things you already know about CUW

No doubt you know that we are a Christian community and that we place a high value on knowing and caring for each other. Perhaps you know that we are the mighty Falcons and offer over 30 varsity sports options for our men and women who are student athletes. You likely know that we offer a ton of programs (84 actually) in six different schools. You know that we have a beautiful campus overlooking Lake Michigan with our own private beach that is bonfire-ready.

More things we want you to know

You might not know that our campus is consistently rated among the safest in the country. There are many things that might surprise you about CUW. For example, if you’re wondering if there is enough to do on campus we have two words for you: Lakeside Luau. Oh, alright, three more words for you: Late Night Tacos. If you ever tire of the breath-taking lake views, our campus is also entirely connected by tunnels so flip-flops and shorts are always fashionable. We also have a laid-back campus vibe where people actually look up from their phones to say “hello.”

Check under our hood

After knowing all that, we invite you to put us on the spot, to check under our hood, to give us a surprise quiz. When you’re safely able to visit campus, pick up a campus map at our Welcome Center and then hold it up in front of your face in the middle of campus during a high traffic time (Lunch!). We bet you can’t count to ten before someone stops to offer you assistance. Truly, test us!

“We didn’t create this test,” explains Admissions Counselor, McKenzie Laurent. “It was accidentally created by a current student who was torn between CUW and another school. He spent time exploring both by using the provided guide material. At CUW he was consistently approached by students with offers to help him find his way. At his other schools he was ignored and left to his own navigational abilities.” Needless to say, that student chose Concordia.

Laurent is a part of a team of admission counselors who look forward to welcoming you to campus as soon as possible for a VIP tour. As a VIP guest you will have a parking spot reserved with your name on it (Snapchat ready!), a cool badge that will get you and your family complimentary dining, discounts in the book store, and free admission to an athletic event.

“We pride ourselves in providing a five-star experience  to our students,” says Laurent. “It’s important that we demonstrate that uncommon care with future students every single time they visit us so they know, see, and feel the Concordia difference.”

Five-Star Experience

CUW’s five-star experience is a holistic, comprehensive approach to student care that ensures an uncommon college experience.  Our pledge to you:

  • You will witness our Christian mission and hospitality at all points of contact.
  • You will come first because we are student-focused.
  • Your expectations will be exceeded because of our personal attention.
  • You can trust us to provide accurate, useful, and timely information.
  • Your questions and concerns are important and will be addressed in a timely fashion.
Want in?

Join us throughout this week to learn a little more about Concordia University Wisconsin.

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about our uncommon college experience and how you can become a part of it, please start here.

Laurent and her team are available by zoom to answer any questions, connect you with a coach or arts director, or set up a 1-1 with a professor. Whether in person or online, we’re here for you and ready to welcome you in to the family.

Visit here for a virtual tour. There’s still time to register for the fall semester. Visit here to apply.

— Lisa Liljegren is vice president of marketing and strategic communications.

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