We're nearing the end of the calendar year. That means it's time to submit your Vitality points and to kick-start your goal-setting for 2020! Read on for some helpful reminders on the Vitality program.

Submit Your Points!

Vitality points operate on a calendar year, so to maximize your 2019 totals, be sure to submit all activities prior to December 31. These can include workouts, preventative care, and financial wellness. If you’d like to boost your point total for the year, check out some of the online educational videos and play Vitality Squares. Vitality takes 10% of your point total at the end of 2019 and gives you a kick-start bonus in 2020. This enables you to move into higher levels (and earn more Vitality dollars) at a quicker pace in 2020!

Gym Reimbursement

If you qualify for a gym rebate for 2019 and have not yet submitted it, you will have 90 days to submit to Vitality for reimbursement. Forms are available on www.powerofvitality.com.

Points vs. Bucks

Vitality points are not the same as vitality bucks. While your points will reset at the beginning of the year (with the kick-start bonus), you do not lose Vitality bucks unless you cash them in. As a reminder, all Vitality rebates and gift cards are taxable benefits. You can certainly choose to save up all your points and cash them out at the end of the year, but if you take smaller withdrawals throughout the year you are less likely to feel the tax impact on your check. (HR receives monthly reports of Vitality transactions and we add the dollar value as taxable income on your next available check. A $25 gift card may result in $3-4 worth of taxes. $500 worth of gift cards combined with a gym rebate of $250 may result in $200 in taxes. Spreading out the reimbursements helps mitigate the tax effects on your gross income!)

2020 Goals

As we move into the New Year, our minds turn to resolutions. Maybe you want to improve your health, drink more water, shed a few pounds, run a 5K for the first time, or be a better steward of your budget. Vitality encourages you to set small, manageable goals. Every week when you check in online and update your goal progress, you earn 30 points. It’s a reward for keeping the goal in front of you each week and you control the pace!


Vitality is for anyone on the health plan and can be customized to YOU! Be well, serve well!

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