Concordia’s School of Pharmacy accepts eligible students that are looking to transfer from another pharmacy school. For whatever reason, if your previous pharmacy school didn’t work out as planned, we can offer you a second chance. We will help you fulfill your dream of becoming a skilled and caring pharmacist. Aditi Patel shared her experience transferring into Concordia’s pharmacy program to give you a student’s perspective.

Aditi’s Perspective

How did you hear about Concordia’s School of Pharmacy?

I had friends who attended Concordia School of Pharmacy. Also, I used to work as a pharmacy technician at Aurora Pharmacy in Milwaukee where Concordia students did rotations. They always seemed well-prepared. Students told me that Concorda’s program faculty and staff were excellent.

Why did you decide to become a pharmacist?

I chose pharmacy because of my brother. My brother has had cerebral palsy since birth. I have seen him, and my parents struggle to find medications that can treat the condition but there are none available. The only thing we can do is physical therapy and massages. I want to help patients and families like ours get the medications that can treat the medical conditions they are suffering from.  

What about Concordia appealed to you as a transfer pharmacy student?

It’s so welcoming! The faculty, staff, and colleagues are all friendly and didn’t make me feel like a stranger. I was invited to all group sessions, orientations, games, and organizations and I never got the feeling of being a transfer student.   

How was the transfer process?

The transfer process was very easy and smooth. I contacted admissions and they gave me information about the transfer application process followed by an in-person interview if approved by the admissions committee. I then submitted the Concordia University School of Pharmacy Transfer application along with a personal statement which was very easy.   

Did the ability to transfer in prior PharmD credit appeal to you?

The appeal process was not hard. After getting admitted to the program, the super awesome Dr. Michael Brown, Assistant Dean of the Concordia School of Pharmacy, stayed in contact with me. He asked for the syllabus of all the previous biological sciences and pharmacy classes that I took as an undergrad, and from my previous pharmacy program. He checked each and every course syllabus to make sure it aligned with the Concordia pharmacy courses so that I can get the maximum amount of transfer credits. I did receive transfer credits for a lot of classes which meant I didn’t have to take specific courses in the P1 and P2 years here at Concordia.   

What was your experience forming relationships with peers and faculty as a transfer student?

Forming relationships with classmates and faculty hasn’t been challenging. Everyone here at Concordia is super chummy. Faculty are practicing pharmacists, and serve both students and their patients daily. Faculty is always available via email and most of them have an open-door policy if you have questions, need to discuss things, build relationships, or increase your network. My classmates are all friendly and believe in embracing each other to be successful throughout pharmacy school. They are all competitive yet believe in collaboration to help each other out.   

What has been the most memorable moment of being a pharmacy student?

Concordia University is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. My most memorable moment is taking a break from studying and relaxing by the lake. I am going to miss walking the pathway to the shore.   

To future pharmacy students, you are going to be a part of the greatest pharmacy program in Wisconsin. You can expect to gain the practical, clinical, and scientific knowledge needed to be a successful pharmacist. The awesome faculty will help you prioritize your career goals and growing as a person. I wish you all the very best and good luck! 

Aditi Patel

CUW Pharmacy Transfer Process

We want you to have a great transfer experience just like Aditi. Check out our easy and applicant-friendly process below.

#1 – Confirm you are a transfer applicant. You must have previously taken PharmD credit(s) at a U.S. pharmacy school.

#2 – Apply to Concordia via PharmCas by June 1 (Fall Start) or October 31 (Spring Start)

#3 – Submit additional required application materials. This includes a dean’s letter explaining the circumstances related to your departure, an essay highlighting your plan for success at Concordia, and two letters of recommendation.

#4 – Interview with faculty and admissions.

#5 – Gain acceptance into Concordia’s School of Pharmacy.

#6 – Review of “advanced standing” or transfer PharmD credit(s) from your previous pharmacy school. Up to 74 credits of coursework are eligible for transfer.

#7 – Create a transfer plan that includes a course schedule.

#8 – Secure your spot with required forms and deposits.

Why Concordia?

Our 4-year pharmacy program centers on a manageable and well-balanced schedule. There are no courses or clinical rotations in the summer. This gives you time to earn money at a job, volunteer, or pursue other opportunities. It’s a time to recharge and prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for the classes, labs, and practice experiences involved with pharmacy school. And with smaller class sizes and personalized attention from faculty and staff, we can provide a more well-rounded and engaging experience at Concordia.

If you’re looking to transfer, Concordia would love to help you reach your goals. Find out more by clicking below.