Digital Influencer Academy

Are you ready to take a giant leap forward in your professional development?

Here in the digital age, the world and all the opportunities within it are closer than ever. But they aren’t just closer to you; they’re closer to everyone. So how can you make yourself stand apart in order to snag those opportunities? By using the power of the tools that are already in your possession, you can create a personal brand, become a digital influencer, and get on your way to building that dream career of yours.

What is a Digital Influencer?

A digital influencer is anyone who has taken advantage of their social networks by building a strong presence on the platform. Influencers have a robust following of people with whom they’ve cultivated trust and established credibility. For example, think of all the Instagram accounts you trust for new product recommendations or the LinkedIn professionals you follow because they share great career advice.

How to Get Started

Creating a strong personal brand is the first step toward becoming a digital influencer. With that brand in place, you’re able to illustrate what makes you unique. Standing apart from the pack gets you one step closer to becoming an influencer and achieving your personal and professional goals. But it does take more than just a solid brand.

Whether you dream of becoming a consultant or speaker, monetizing your reputation online and becoming a social media influencer, or simply opening up new career opportunities on LinkedIn, our Digital Influencer Academy can help you get there. This academy features valuable insights from experts in their fields, touching on these topics and more. Best of all, when you complete the academy, you’ll earn a digital badge backed by Concordia that you can apply to your resume or online profiles. Digital badges are even more valuable than certificates since they’re linked electronically to Concordia and you accrue as many as you want to customize your learning experiences and credentials.

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