Concordia students, get ready for the camera crews, because your university will be featured in the upcoming 11th Season of “The College Tour,” set to air this fall on Amazon Prime Video. 

Concordia University Wisconsin is thrilled to announce a unique spotlight opportunity to place our campus in the national and international limelight. CUW will be featured in the upcoming 11th season of “The College Tour,” set to air this fall on Amazon Prime Video. 

Casting students

In anticipation of this exciting feature, CUW is now calling for nominations of current students to be featured in our episode. This casting process is a collaborative effort between CUW and show producers. We are searching for students with unique and significant stories to share. This isn’t just a chance to be on a major streaming platform; it’s an opportunity for our students to amplify their voices, share their academic journeys, and pave the way for their future careers. 

All about ‘The College Tour’

Since its inception in 2020, “The College Tour” has brought over 100 college campuses to life on the screens of prospective students and curious viewers worldwide. This show isn’t just about panoramic shots of campuses or scripted praises; it’s a journey into the heart of each institution. It captures the essence of campus life by exploring the culture and student experiences that define each university. 

“How do you find your tribe, your vibe, and those intangibles, the place’s culture?” poses Alex Boylan, the show’s charismatic host and executive producer.

This is precisely where “The College Tour” excels. The show is unique in its approach – a narrative crafted by real students sharing their genuine experiences and stories about their campus life. Boylan emphasizes that students are the principal authors of the show’s scripts, with only minor inputs from the marketing and production teams. This authentic storytelling approach makes “The College Tour” a valuable platform for universities like CUW to showcase their spirit, values, and community. 

“My admission colleagues and I are blessed to introduce others to the uncommon qualities of Concordia University Wisconsin every day. Having CUW featured nationally on The College Tour will give students, our best brand ambassadors, that opportunity as well. I am so eager to showcase them as well as all the faculty, staff, students, and alumni who make Concordia so distinctively special.”

About the shoot

The production timeline for our 30-minute episode is a six-month process. The College Tour crew will be on our campus this spring, filming 10 students over five days. Each student will have approximately two to four hours to showcase their story. The pre-production phase, spanning about four months, involves thorough coordination, casting, scriptwriting, and location scouting. Post-production takes about two months, ensuring every detail of CUW’s story is captured perfectly. 

CUW’s episode will premiere exclusively on the big screen at a local movie theater during our fall 2024 Homecoming events. This will be more than just a screening; it will celebrate our students, culture, and community. 

Stay tuned for more details. We are eager to showcase our campus’s beauty, students’ brilliance, and the unique spirit that makes Concordia University Wisconsin a place like no other. Join us as we embark on this incredible journey with “The College Tour.”