Recent online Doctorate of Education in LICI graduate answers questions about his experience with Concordia

Anthony Binford Glavey, EdD, graduated from CUW’s Doctorate of Education program. His journey toward earning his doctorate was not a typical one, however. Glavey transferred to Concordia University Wisconsin when his former university closed permanently.

Glavey graciously answered some important questions you might want to know if you’re considering earning an EdD from an online program.

How did you determine which program you wanted to pursue?

I’m a firm believer in constantly learning and developing skills to better personal and team performance. Secondly, this degree will help me continue to develop critical communication skills. The program was all about using opportunities to grow credibility to take on new challenges.

Additionally, earning an EdD will help me measure and develop better training programs, and grow overall as a leader. The EdD involves research, which helps establish credibility as an expert in my field. This program can also help to develop advanced problem-solving skills which translate across numerous industries.

Overall, I wanted to create opportunities for myself in business and educational settings. Just this month Southern New Hampshire University approved me to be an adjunct professor. 

How has the program impacted your day-to-day work?

Transformational leadership, continuous improvement, and innovation have changed many things about my day-to-day work and thought process. I’m more focused on data and hearing what the team has to say. I think about how to develop better programs, to not only see the holes in the boat but how to fix them, together. It has made me a much better all-around team component, researcher, and developer of programs.

How have your professors been?

At Concordia Wisconsin (CUW) the professor and entire staff were outstanding. Since coming to CUW, I have had the pleasure to work with a fantastic dissertation chair Rinyka Allison PhD, MSEd, BSW. Another outstanding colleague has been Daniel Sem working with him on the Quaestus journal, after being asked to be a student senior editor. He, like all professors at my previous institution and CUW, are all about servant leadership and developing relationships. This aligns with my personal leadership style.

What has been your favorite course and why?

Transferring to Concordia University Wisconsin, the focus remaining was on the dissertation final course concluding the entire doctoral journey. But, this didn’t mean it was the end of my learning process, as the greatest component of learning in the doctoral journey, was the importance of continuous improvement and learning throughout one’s entire life.

Why should someone who is “on the fence” pursue this program?

Here is what I tell people about education, my journey and how it worked for me. My bachelor of arts degree taught me concepts from a high level. My MBA was much more focused, and explored courses like marketing, finance, accounting, etc. We utilized case studies and investigated data.

The EdD made me ask the question: “How do I take those challenges, use data, and build programs to start to actually fix them?” Then, I use more data to uncover if it worked.

 These three programs together is the perfect storm in business and education. This entire educational journey, coupled with my work experiences, have helped me see the bigger picture. I know what platforms to utilize to solve problems.

What are your career goals? How is the EdD LICI program helping you achieve them?

I wanted to take on the EdD to build the résumé and to someday teach at the college level. Also, I wanted to expand my learning to improve my overall skills.

I just completed my first book that resulted from the work from my doctoral dissertation. Recently, I became an adjunct professor, and I teach MBA courses. Additionally, I’m looking to my company for new roles and opportunities as well.  The online EdD program was perfect for all the original goals and has opened up so many more paths. It’s fantastic!

How was being in an online EdD program? Did you enjoy the residencies?

An online program might not be the perfect fit for everyone, but it was the perfect fit for me. I earned strong grades and feel that the style of learning fit my personality so well. It was very self-guided, self-directed, and focused to my skill sets. The syllabus provided the road map, the instructors guided the journey, and I did the work on my schedule, completing each task along the way.

It’s similar to the profession I’m in because it’s very self-directed. This means that you have to be ready to do the work. It is not easy, but certainly not impossible.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just a thank you to the following people.  They played a fantastic part in my transfer, acceptance, and support to complete the program. I still have a relationship with CUW to this day.

  • Leah Herr, M.S.E.
    Graduate Admission Counselor
  • Dr. James Pingel, Ph.D.
    Dean, School of Education
  • Rinyka Allison PhD, MSEd., BSW
    Dissertation Faculty Chair
  • Dr. Daniel Sem, Ph.D,
    Dean and Professor of Business

Do you want to know more?

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