Concordians are fresh off spring break, as is evidenced by the new tans, easy smiles, and well-rested faces we're seeing on campus.

Last week presented an amazing opportunity for students to refresh and find ways to keep ourselves entertained. From internships to international travel to sleeping in late, take a look at a few of the ways CUW students took advantage of the time off.

Road Tripping

Packing up the car and heading down to Tennessee is what I had in mind for my spring break. What is better than sitting in the car with a group of my best friends jamming to country music on our way to Music City, USA? Caeden Perry (’25), Joel Roth (’25), Katie Marquardt (’25), and I all hung out together and made the 450-mile journey. Nashville felt like a home away from home. Dressing up and walking down the streets with neon lights everywhere filled my heart with joy. We had a blast! Only hearing strictly country music made me smile 24/7. For me, road tripping for spring break was overall was the perfect way to get away from everyday life as a college student.

Finally getting some sleep

Time off for college students is the best time to finally get some sleep. Sleep is so important, but let’s be real, most of us college students are in the habit of hitting snooze repeatedly. For that reason, Stephanie Eseyin (’25) made sleep an essential part of her break. “Between homework and other responsibilities, I normally am in bed late, but on spring break I could sleep whenever I wanted and it was awesome,” said Eseyin.

Seeing the whole family

Student playing videogames with friend

It was a time for families to reunite with their loved ones. Matthew Torres (’25) had this experience when he made his travels all the way back to see his mother in Texas. Matthew had not been home since winter break so break was a welcome opportunity to finally take a break from all the schoolwork and see his family and friends at home. Matthew shared that his favorite part of being home was, “being able to see all of his friends that he missed dearly and for the warm weather that he does not get in Wisconsin.”

Making some cash

What better way to embrace the break than to make some money on the side? Amanda Kugel (’22) spent her break working hard, making cash, and gaining experience along her way. “I work in logistics part-time for a co-op program while in school,” she said. “I am starting initially with proof of delivery while being a part-time and hoping to grow into other positions after graduation.” She is ready to take on her future career thanks to her present preparation.


Globe Trotting

College is a great time to take that trip you’ve always dreamt about. Hannah Mielke (’23) and Madelyne Arrigoni (’22) headed over to Italy last week to meet up with Mielke’s twin sister who is studying abroad this semester. They travelled from Milan to Venice to Rome over the course of 10 days and experienced Italian history, food, and culture. Highlights of their trip included exploring the island of Burano, wandering the streets of Venice, and visiting St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, where the Apostle Peter is buried!

— Maya Hielscher is a Concordia Wisconsin undergrad student studying Marketing. She plans on graduating in 2025.

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