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Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted their annual senior week which includes many different fun activities for seniors graduating in either May or December. One of the events students could participate in this year was attending a Milwaukee Brewers game at American Family Field. Tickets included transportation to the game as well as access to the Johnsonville Party Deck and an unlimited buffet.  

CUW students who purchase a ticket were welcome to enjoy the game from the Johnsonville Party Deck located beyond the first base. This area featured a full buffet that had many different ballpark foods such as hot dogs, Italian sausage, and hamburgers. There were also delicious sides including mac and cheese, chips, and salad. Students over the age of 21 were given two free drink tickets and all students were given access to a soda machine with free refills. The party deck did include regular ballpark seating but also had an area with high-top tables that allowed spectators to stand to watch the game.  

During the game, many traditional Brewers’ festivities occurred to keep everyone entertained. There were numerous clips of fans featured on the jumbotron along with fun audience inclusion games such as “Scratch the Attendance” Fans know it wouldn’t be a Brewers game without the racing sausages. This is a beloved tradition at the Milwaukee Brewers games in which people dressed up as different types of sausages race on foot around the perimeter of the field. The Italian Sausage won the race during this particular game. Despite all of the fun, the Brewers unfortunately lost the game to the San Diego Padres with an ending score of 3-6. 

Overall, the Milwaukee Brewers game was a great opportunity for CUW seniors to spend time together and enjoy a classic Milwaukee tradition. While the game did not end with a win for the Brewers, students were still able to enjoy a fun night to celebrate all their accomplishments in a festive atmosphere! 

—Tess Miller is writer for The Beacon, the official student newspaper of Concordia University Wisconsin. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in mass communications and plans to graduate in 2024.