woman learning scholarship opportunities for accelerated programs at laptop.

A common question from potential accelerated students is, “Do you have any scholarships?”. That’s a loaded question and often means a variety of things to different people.

What are accelerated programs?

To be clear, accelerated degrees at Concordia University are fully accredited college bachelor or associate degrees. There are also accelerated pathways for earning two degrees at the same time. Our Master’s in Athletic Training and our Business Scholars dual-degree programs are perfect examples. Both of these accelerated pathways require a large investment of time and resources by the student. While accelerated degrees save you time and money, they are not easier to earn. Ultimately the degree enables the student to achieve their academic and career goals. Often, the degree is non-negotiable to get where they want to go.

Are there different scholarships for accelerated programs?

Accelerated, non-traditional students have different scholarship opportunities from the traditional, on-campus format. Yes, accelerated students may qualify for Federal Financial Aid. However, it is required to register for at least six credits within a semester to be eligible for federal grants and loans.  But for many students, the obvious concern is, “Will this aid cover the cost?”

Traditional degrees offer a variety of aid from the university and a multitude of outside sources for scholarships & grants. Yet accelerated students often wonder if there are other sources for them to find assistance.  Concordia strives to bridge the gap for accelerated students by offering a variety of Uncommon Scholarships. We have developed these scholarships through various partnerships with employers, alumni, and military programs.

Business partnership scholarship opportunities

Edcor Member Employees:  Accelerated programs for Edcor partners

Advocate Aurora Employees:  Advocate Aurora/Atrium Health

Bright Horizons Member Employees:  Bright Horizons

MATC Graduates:  Welcome MATC Graduates, Faculty, and Staff

View all other Uncommon Scholarships including Christian Churches & Schools, CUWAA Alumni, and Veterans & Dependents.

College degrees bring a wealth of opportunity and satisfaction, but require persistence, sacrifice, and financial investment.  There are resources available as investment in your future. A great first step is to complete the FAFSA and explore federal funding at www.fafsa.gov. However, accelerated students must consider all available options. These may include our Uncommon Scholarships and potentially, tuition benefits and reimbursements from their employers.

Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said:

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Take your next step

For many years Concordia’s accelerated degrees have been helping adult learners complete degrees and improve career opportunities. The first step is to determine the financial cost. While the journey comes with an investment, students should take the first step by exploring all of their financial options.

So, do we have scholarships for accelerated programs? Yes! And applications are now open for the 2023-24 school year. Take the first step to find out if you qualify and learn more about your options. Visit Financial Aid for Accelerated Students to learn more.  Encourage your employer to become a partner with Concordia. Concordia Community Partnerships and Why partner with Concordia as an employer? are excellent resources for that conversation.

To learn more about all of the accelerated degrees and programs offered for busy adults including those in Arts & Sciences, Business, Computer Science, Education, Health Care, and Public Service, as well as graduate degrees, visit CUWAA Accelerated Admissions or call 262-243-5700.