Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma Sensitive Schools professional development now available.

Wisconsin’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently announced that all personnel in Wisconsin schools should have training in working with children who have experienced trauma in their lives. Those schools that have received a Wisconsin safety grant are required to include professional development training for their staff.

Dr. Jan Heinitz, a licensed psychologist with specialized training in trauma, is available to offer a morning, afternoon or evening of Professional Development to school staff in this area to address this requirement.

When we work with individuals, of any age, we are encouraged to keep in mind past traumatic experiences, as well as adverse childhood experiences. This past (and current) experiences may impact how an individual performs in school or work, as well as interactions with others. Professional Development involves looking at Adverse Childhood Experiences, as well as practical information in working with these individuals, and families.

The state of Wisconsin is urging all public and private schools to be ‘trauma sensitive schools’. Professional Development, with Dr. Heinitz, gives schools an opportunity to look at ways in which the needs of their teachers, staff, students and families may benefit from this information.

Please contact Dr. Jan Heinitz at to schedule your training session.

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