Teachers are busy. Between the daily work with students, planning innovative lessons, building positive relationships with parents and the community, and having their own families, there just doesn’t seem to be time for a lot more.

But, teachers are also learners.  And, they want to bring the best out in their students.  So, many teachers choose to continue their professional growth as they find balance in their lives.

Learning that meets Teachers’ needs

The development of online programming has opened up more options for teachers to pursue add on licensure options and Master’s degrees. The flexibility of online learning allows teachers to do what they do best; teach and learn!  But, many teachers also find they crave the interaction with their peers that face-to-face learning allows.

Concordia University Literacy program has developed “an app for that!”  Concordia is committed to providing high-quality, flexible programming that meets the needs of teachers.  Starting this fall, teachers can choose a Literacy Hybrid program that allows for both the in-person learning teachers want and the flexibility that meets the needs that busy lives demand.  Teachers enrolled in the program will participate in 8 week courses.  Six weeks of online learning and two weeks face-to-face.

Why do we need Literacy Experts?

So, why are more teachers than ever pursuing expertise in Literacy? Well, many reasons.  Reading and writing are the foundation of learning. Literacy is the spine of the curriculum. How do children solve math problems if they can’t read them?  Need to set up a science experiment?  You have to be able to read the directions first.  It may sound simple, but the fact that struggling readers often have difficulty in other subject areas has repeatedly gone without being addressed.  Now, more than ever, teachers want to refine their expertise in Literacy skills in order to help their students succeed in all areas.  And, it’s not just for our youngest learners.  All too often our teenagers are entering middle and high school without the foundational reading and writing skills they need. CUW’s Graduate Literacy program truly is for teachers of all levels.

Is finding the time to pursue graduate work difficult? Yes.  Do we continue to ask more and more of our teachers?  100%.  Do our kids need teachers who have the skills to help them develop into stronger readers and writers?  The answer is most definitely yes.  Keeping all of this in mind, CUW is happy to be your partner on this journey, and by providing the new Hybrid delivery option, we are committed to you, your learning, your student’s success, and helping you find balance in your life.

Interested in learning more?  Learn about CUW’s Graduate program in Literacy: https://www.cuw.edu/academics/programs/literacy-masters/index.html

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