The spring 2021 semester is nearly halfway complete, and that means it's time for a break. This Tuesday and Wednesday are your opportunity to chill out and take a breather. You may need more than just a few days to sit on the couch, though. Here are 6 ways to rest and refresh in mind, body, and spirit.


There’s no classes, so sleep in! Give yourself some time to relax and recover from the everyday stress of college. If Zoom classes have you sitting at your desk all day, make some time to move your body. Go on a walk around campus or explore the Mequon area to get some fresh air and enjoy God’s creation.


You’ve probably noticed how virtual learning and the bleary winter months have increased your screen time a bit. All that time spent staring into harsh blue light is hard on your eyes and your brain. Put away your devices and a moment to check in with yourself. Have some quiet time or take a nap to give your brain a chance to rest.

If you want some help relaxing, head on over to Evelyn’s Place to try out a weighted blanket or a massage chair.


While the social aspect of college is important, so is taking a break to recharge and spend time with (or without) people who help you feel restored. This might look like catching up with an old friend or taking time to just be alone. Either way, these Rest and Refresh days are an excellent opportunity be your most authentic introvert or extroverted self.


Everyday problem solving and assignments require you to work your creative muscles whether you’re an art major or not. Take a break from critical thinking and take a walk in nature or read a book. If creative endeavors help you feel restored, a couple days without classes may be your opportunity to finish that craft that’s been sitting in the bottom of your drawer all year or start that project you’ve been thinking about since October.

Let your creativity flow freely without the strain of a deadline or don’t even use your right brain, whatever makes you feel the most zen.


The rush of the week does not usually allow for much emotional processing. These few days of quiet are a great time to unload your emotional buildup. Whether that means talking to a trusted friend, sitting down with your journal, or spending some time in God’s Word, it is always important to make sure your emotional health is taken care of.


It’s easy to let time with God fall onto the back burner during the busyness of school, so these Rest and Recharge days are a great time to get back on track. Start a new devotional, find a Bible reading plan, or maybe just make an effort to pray more. God invites His people to rest in Him and lay their burdens at His feet, not only on R&R days, but everyday.

— Madelyne Arrigoni is a senior studying English, Mass Communications, and Photography. She plans to graduate in 2022.

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