This is the fourth article in the series, “A Quid for Your Thoughts,” written by members of the MBA 568:  Study Abroad in London course. The series captures reflections from students’ study abroad experience to the United Kingdom over spring break of 2024.

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Our fourth day in London began with a guided tour of the historic Westminster Abbey. In the abbey we had the opportunity to view the burial sites of influential British figures such as Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dickins, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mary, and many others. We viewed the stunning architecture and saw the place where so many famous coronations and events occurred over England’s long history. Our favorite part was the King Henry VII Chapel which housed the flags for the Order of Bath–each soldier is invited to design their own helmet and one even included a badger (very Wisconsin!).

We then took the short walk past Downing Street (yes, that Downing Street, where number 10 sits!) over to the Cabinet War Rooms. These rooms helped our class come to grips with the terror Londoners must have felt from the Nazi’s “Blitz” during World War II and how that event shaped these remarkable countries firm resolve. We all now better understand the courageous stand Sir Winston Churchill took to lead the U.K. during this perilous time as we toured these important rooms under Central London where the Allies war effort was planned and executed.

The group then had a traditional English tea experience at The Boardroom in Fortnum & Mason. We were able to sample traditional finger sandwiches, scones, and desserts as a group while learning more about this very British tradition. We even sat at the same table Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, Katie Perry, and Lionel Richie, have enjoyed similar events.

After the “tea” we headed to a business meeting with the Lionsgate U.K. offices in Oxford Street and met with professionals from their human resources, marketing, and legal teams.  We received great career advice from these professionals and learned about the business-side of the movie and television industry.  A few of us even hung around to network and discuss internship opportunities!

Finally, we took a long tube and bus ride from London to the Wimbledon area where Prof. Scholz procured front row seats for us to an AFC Wimbledon match against Grimsby Town. Although the game ended in a draw, we got to experience how passionate the British are about football. We joined in the chants of all the Wimbledon fans. Go Wimble!

Want in?

This course is one of the student offerings of the Concordia University Free Enterprise Center.  Students met on-campus for the first eight weeks of this semester learning about the economy, government, politics, and culture of the United Kingdom.  The course concludes with this trip over spring break to London with a day in Cambridge at Westfield House.  

Concordia offers 500-plus study abroad programs in 48 different countries. Students have the opportunity to see the world and experience new places and people, while earning their degree from CUW. Expand your horizons and perspective, and gain professional benefits from exposure to new cultures.

—This story is written by MBA and undergraduate students Elizabeth Heller, Emily Brown, and Stephanie Eseyin at Concordia University Wisconsin. We are currently on a week-long trip to the United Kingdom as part of our MBA 568 business course.