Get to know CUW’s new campus pastor!

Bakker brings a steady confidence to the role at CUW. His previous service in campus ministry prepared him well for the highs and lows of ministering to college students.

Jonathon Bakker, MDiv.

Campus Pastor; April 15, 2024

What is your most interesting brush with fame?

I’ve had several; I met Diana Krall (famous jazz pianist/vocalist) when I was in high school, and my wife, our felines, and I were on an episode of “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” who was our veterinarian until we moved to WI.

What word do you hate hearing?

“Interesting.”  We usually say it as a filler, or even as a euphemism, but what does it really mean?  As in, “These are interesting answers, Pastor Bakker” 😉

What motivates you the most?

Earning the trust and confidence of those I serve. 

What is a lesson that took you a long time to learn?

My wife is the greatest earthly gift from God.  I mean, I knew it on the surface right away, but I’m still learning from her and loving her more, every day.  We were married here in the Chapel at Concordia seventeen years ago, something that makes my serving here even more special for me!

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