Get to know Director of Donor Relations Tim Brever!

Tim Brever is one of many individuals on the front lines of inviting donors and stakeholders to support the Concordia mission. Prior to Concordia he worked for the Milwaukee Brewers as the manager of the Brewers Community Foundation. While with the MLB franchise, he enrolled in CUW’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program and soon after graduating, he joined the CUW team. He’s been with Concordia for 3.5 years now and relishes the opportunity he has to be part of Concordia’s mission-driven organization.

That’s basic stuff. Read on to learn a few fun facts about Tim Brever!

Tim Brever

Director of Donor Relations

How are you most likely spending your free time?

Playing basketball, golfing, or enjoying time with my wife, Nicole, and our son, Nathanael.

Who was most influential in your career choice?

My parents. My Dad has worked for non-profits his entire career, and my Mom recently retired from being a first grade teacher. They were great examples of people who worked hard every day and made livings out of serving those around them.

Who was the first person to make you feel welcomed at Concordia?

Bill Wood. By the end of my first day, he had already invited me to join the hallowed Noon Basketball Association (NBA).

Proudest accomplishment?

There isn’t one specific accomplishment that comes to mind, but collectively I’m proud of the work our team is able to do in our Advancement Office. It’s a distinct privilege to get to build relationships with CUW alumni and friends who have a desire to make financial gifts to support our students and the future of God’s Church.

What would you choose to eat for your birthday meal?

As a guy who commutes every day from Oak Creek, I have to throw all of you north suburban folks for a curveball on this one. Marco’s Pizza in OC. A few slices from there is the perfect way to celebrate my birthday! 

Most-played song or artist on your playlist as of late?

To be honest, I’m more of a podcast guy. The podcasts I listen to most often these days are: The Bible Project, The Lowe Post (basketball), and The Tony Kornhesier Show (sports).

What keeps your excited about your job at Concordia?

Simply put, it’s our Christ-centered mission. Every year there are students attending Concordia who either don’t know The Lord, or know Him already and are looking for opportunities to grow into deeper relationship while pursuing their vocations. Meeting the donors who support our work of providing a top-notch education in a biblically-grounded environment is a blessing each and every day.   

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