questions to ask on college tour

Choosing the right college can be a stressful task. After doing your online research and narrowing it down, how do you choose? The best way to decide if a college is right for you is to be there.

Colleges offer campus tours throughout the year for students and families to check out. But what exactly is important to find out when visiting? To help you get all the answers you need, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask on a college tour.

College Overview

First, it’s important to understand the college as a whole. Getting to know the culture of the university can help you determine if it fits your personality. A good way to do this is by asking your tour guide (normally they’re a student).

  1. What are the students like? What would you say if you could describe the “typical student”?
  2. Why did you choose [name of college]?
  3. How many students go here?
  4. What would you say are the college’s strengths? What is the most significant benefit of being a student here?
  5. Do you feel safe on campus?
  6. Is it easy to get around campus? What is the most common way to get around?
  7. What’s most unique about the college?
  8. What are the college’s most important values, and how does it demonstrate this to students?
  9. How does your school demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  10. What would you say is the biggest challenge on your campus?


This is why you go to college right? So of course it’s critical to ask about the courses, faculty, and opportunities within your major. It’s essential to know exactly what type of education you will be receiving.

  1. What majors are the most popular?
  2. How big are most classes?
  3. Do you like the faculty and staff?
  4. How many courses do most students take per semester?
  5. Is there an opportunity to study abroad?
  6. Do students have access to tutoring or writing centers?
  7. How successful are your graduates? What’s the job placement rate after graduating?
  8. What type of support can I receive during courses?
  9. How satisfied are you with academic advising?
  10. How often are collaborative work or group presentations required?

Student Life

It’s helpful to know the place you will be spending the majority of your time. Getting to know the campus culture, facilities, and students can you help vision yourself as a student.

  1. What types of clubs and sports are on campus?
  2. What does an average day for a student look like on campus?
  3. What facilities are available to students?
  4. What makes the student body unique?
  5. Are students required to live on campus?
  6. How are the dorms? How are they assigned?
  7. Can I choose a roommate or am I assigned one?
  8. How’s the food on campus?
  9. What are some of the school’s main traditions or events?
  10. Are there medical resources close by if needed?


Being aware of the resources available to you on campus can help you to be successful throughout your college experience.

  1. Are there accessibility services for students?
  2. How easy is it to find summer jobs and other kinds of work through your school?
  3. What type of career services are available?
  4. What types of support services are available for students?
  5. Can I apply for financial aid?
  6. Are there any scholarships available to students?
  7. Can you receive help from professors outside of the classroom?
  8. What types of work-study jobs are available on campus?
  9. Is there a tuition payment plan to pay monthly installments?
  10. What services are available for struggling students?

Questions for online learners

Even online students should make sure the college is a good fit for them and their goals. Here is a list of online-specific questions to ask before choosing a program.

  1. How flexible is the program?
  2. How easy is it to balance work, school, and life during the program?
  3. Do you have many working students?
  4. Are there any support resources for online students?
  5. How accessible are professors if I have questions?
  6. Do I have access to on-campus resources?
  7. How are classes structured? Will my online classes be mostly synchronous (live courses in real-time) or asynchronous (prerecorded, available at my own pace?)
  8. May I take classes on campus, if possible?
  9. Do you have technical support available?
  10. How long has the college been doing online learning?

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Before you go

College visits are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the campus and see how it feels to be there. Remember, there are no silly questions on a tour, so make sure to ask anything you are unsure of or want to learn more about. Campus staff and tour guides are there to make sure you have the best visitor experience possible. If you’re interested in visiting Concordia University Wisconsin’s campus, click the button below. Happy touring!