Did you know that some of your CUWAA professors are also Study Abroad alumni?

The benefits of a Study Abroad experience are boundless! Studying abroad gives you the chance to flex your problem-solving skills, embrace new experiences, and harness the power of real-world learning.

No one knows this better than the CUWAA faculty and staff who opted for their own Study Abroad experience. CUW has had several of its faculty and staff study abroad, some multiple times. This series will give you a glimpse at a few of them. Click here to read more.

Expanding his language skills

Dr. Robby Mueller spent time during his undergrad years at the University of Minnesota studying Spanish and Portuguese. His studies took him to Toledo, Spain, where he expanded his Spanish language skills and explored the local areas.

During graduate school, Dr. Mueller took a medical service trip to Cuetzalan, Mexico, which he says “grew my passion for the Spanish language, increased my empathy and appreciation for other cultures, and inspired me to commit to caring for Spanish-speaking patients in my professional career.” Dr. Mueller still has a great appreciation for Spanish and travel, leading a global education course to Spain previously, and meeting with Spanish-speaking international students.

The photos below are from a vantage point in Toledo, Spain, and from an excursion to Teotijuacan, Mexico.  

Want in?

For more information on Study Abroad, visit www.cuw.edu/studyabroad to learn more. CUWAA students are traveling to Australia, Belize, Germany, and Greece this summer.