In the dynamic world of education, exceptional mentors play a pivotal role in shaping the future of teaching. Dr. Tanya Johnson, the Program Director of Concordia’s Accelerated Early Childhood Education program, proves the transformative power of knowledge, experience, and faith. Dr. Johnson has an impressive background of over 30 years, showing dedication and commitment to holistically developing young minds.

A Wealth of Expertise

Dr. Johnson’s educational journey is a testament to her commitment to lifelong learning. She has a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood. She also has a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master’s in Education Leadership, and a Certificate in Special Education. Additionally, she holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, an Infant Specialist Certificate, and an Infant Mental Health Endorsement.

Due to her extensive education, she possesses a deep understanding of early childhood education. These credentials form the bedrock upon which she nurtures future educators.

The Heartbeat of Concordia’s Accelerated Early Childhood Program

Under Dr. Johnson’s astute guidance, Concordia’s Accelerated Early Childhood Education program transcends geographical constraints. Through a blend of online courses and real-time Zoom sessions, students from across the state, including the vibrant city of Milwaukee, find a home here.

The program’s standout feature lies in its accessibility, offering clinical experiences in schools near the candidates’ homes. Graduates gain knowledge and a Wisconsin teaching license for birth to 3rd grade, preparing them for classroom challenges.

Faith Integration: Nurturing Souls Alongside Minds

For Dr. Johnson, education is a holistic endeavor encompassing the mind and the soul. In her classes, faith seamlessly intertwines with the curriculum. Each session begins with scripture, devotion, and prayer, creating a sense of community and belonging. Students find knowledge and solace in this nurturing environment, making every class a journey.

As one student beautifully expressed, “I started writing down the Bible verses of the devotion. The devotion helps me out in every class! It’s like having mini church on a Thursday.”

Dr. Johnson’s Influence: Transformative Teaching Unveiled

In Dr. Johnson’s philosophy, education is a collaborative journey marked by meaningful, reflective, and relevant conversations. Transformative learning experiences equip students with tools drawn from their experiences, ensuring theory melds seamlessly with practice.

Dr. Adam Paape, Assistant Dean in the School of Education, beautifully encapsulates her impact, stating, “Dr. Johnson is a thoughtful and caring colleague. She is a wonderful role model for her students. Her wealth of experience in all areas of early childhood education is so valuable to our students. Tanya was recognized this past academic year as a top 10 adjunct faculty in faith integration and overall learning in her classes. This top 10 designation is based on her students’ responses in end-of-the-course surveys. It is a true joy to serve with Dr. Johnson.”

The Invitation: Cultivating Passion in Aspiring Educators

For post-traditional learners seeking an enriching educational journey, the accelerated program is more than just an academic pursuit; it’s an experience. Dr. Johnson’s leadership fosters an environment where learning goes beyond textbooks, touching the core of one’s being. Aspiring educators, consider this your invitation to embark on a transformative journey. Join Concordia’s Accelerated Early Childhood Education program, where knowledge meets faith and teaching becomes a transformative endeavor, shaping futures and nurturing the essence of future generations.

Dr. Johnson is a testament to an educator’s profound influence on education. As you contemplate your educational path, remember her words: “Be committed to being a champion for young children and doing the right thing for them.” Your journey begins here.