In honor of National Siblings Day, meet former and current CUW School of Nursing students Stephanie ('18) and Emily ('23) Voigt, from Brookfield, WI.

How it started …

Stephanie: “I took an anatomy class in high school that I really enjoyed, and I always wanted to do something that involved helping people. I actually didn’t start out at Concordia; I started at Valparaiso University. But I really missed being around my family, so I decided to come back home and enroll at Concordia in the nursing program.”

Emily: “At first I was like, my parents went to Concordia, my sister went there, I don’t want to go there—that’s just so predictable! But I toured a couple schools, and Concordia was the one I felt like I could best succeed in.”

How it’s going …

Emily: “I think the professors are just really awesome, and they all have been super supportive with everything that happens, whether it’s during school or life in general. I just feel really blessed to have professors who genuinely care about me as a person.”

Stephanie: “I work in a cardiac unit at Aurora West Allis. In nursing school, I was never pulled in one direction necessarily, but this is where I ended up and I really, really enjoy it. I love my patients and I love working with the older population. We get a little bit of everything there.”

What’s great about having a sister in nursing …

Emily: “It’s nice to have her as a resource, because she’s been through it, and she knows how stressful it can be. And she knows a lot of the professors as well.”

What they love about each other …

Emily: “She’s really strong. And she always finds a way to do the best at whatever comes her way.”

Stephanie: “She’s extremely smart, and she works hard at everything she does. Anything she puts her mind to she succeeds at, and I think she’s going to be a really, really good nurse.”

Fun family fact …

Emily and Stephanie’s mom, Sherry (Kussmann) Voigt, is a member of the 1,000 Point Club for the women’s basketball team.

Shared childhood memory …

Stephanie: “When she was younger, Emily gave me a card, and she wrote, ‘You’re so cool my head could pop off!’”

Emily: “I think I meant, ‘You blow my mind,’ but that’s what I wrote!”

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— This story is written by Mike Zimmerman, corporate communications manager for Concordia University Wisconsin. He may be reached at or 262-243-4380.

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