Prof. Pullen is the Chief Economist and Co-Founder of Milky Way Economy (MWE). A former Marine, he is also an economic facilitator to the Space Force Futures Workshops and Space Force Doctrine Group.

Pullen’s area of expertise is preparing for the future impact of space on the field of economics. As he explained, the world is on the brink of the fifth industrial revolution: the Space Revolution. Just as developments in steam power, electrical power, automation and digitalization each marked the beginning of a new industrial revolution, space exploration is already reshaping how we live and work. For instance, Pullen gave the example of nutrient-enhanced baby food, showing how space exploration can yield unexpected technological developments and applications.

Pullen explained that he was excited to bring his Christian faith into the conversation about the future of space, in a way that he had not been able to in previous speeches. For Christians, Pullen argued, space holds a special significance and place of wonder as we explore more of creation. Christians must bring their values and beliefs with them as space exploration continues.

In a Q&A panel with Dr. Colucci, Pullen made the case that anyone can have a place in this new space age. “There is likely a job for you connected to space,” he said. The economy of space will expand based on the earth economy. Therefore, students of all disciplines and careers should be prepared to work in or with space.

About NSSC

The National Security and Space Center (NSSC) intends to educate these Christian space leaders by inviting speakers like George Pullen. The NSSC is the first center in the Midwest to combine the topics of space, national security, and Christian values in conversations with students, faculty and community members. Through the NSSC, students will have the opportunity to learn how timeless truths and lessons from history apply to the next phase of technological revolution. Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to form partnerships with each other and outside organizations that assist in their efforts to bring Christianity to space.

One of the partnerships the NSSC has already established is the Concordia Free Enterprise Center (CFEC), who sponsored Pullen’s event. Allies like these will be crucial to future events and education. If you might like to work with the NSSC, click the link below.

As the NSSC looks towards the future, the hope is that many more valuable partnerships will be made. These partnerships enable events like Pullen’s to continue. The aim is to help educate our CUW community on issues of national security and space.

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—Alyssa Giese is a Research Assistant for the Concordia National Security and Space Center. Alyssa is a junior studying Secondary Education, specializing in Social Studies.