Meet Taylor McKibbins (’25) from Milwaukee Lutheran, majoring in Visual Communications.

Why should someone from Milwaukee Lutheran consider CUW?

CUW is a very welcoming environment with so many opportunities. It is a great way to study your passion while also merging your faith within your studies.

How did Milwaukee Lutheran prepare you for life after high school?

Milwaukee Lutheran had very high standards when I attended, and I took a lot of honors classes. Being a part of Honors Society in Red Knight Institute (RKI) really helped me to be prepared and know what to expect when applying for college. I went on various college tours to learn about different colleges through ML.

What has been the impact of a Lutheran education in your life?

Having a Lutheran education has really helped me to grow in my faith and understand what God’s love really means. It has helped me to find purpose and meaning in my life. Even if I don’t fully understand my purpose, I trust that God has a plan for me.

Have any teachers or professors impacted your life while at CUW and Milwaukee Lutheran?

Absolutely! Mrs. Tennies from MLHS made a huge impact on my life. She saw a lot of potential that I would have never thought to be capable of, especially when I became the yearbook editor. Her classroom always felt like a safe space for me to go to. Miss Ihm (who now goes by Mrs. Wilks) has really helped me find more confidence, especially with public speaking. Mr. Jurss did a lot to help me discover my design skills, and he gave me as many opportunities as he could. This helped me carry my design skills over to CUW. Finally, Dr. Kenny has made a huge impact on me during my time in college! She has always seen my potential and talent, even when I couldn’t always see it. She has a way of teaching that really helps me to learn and build on my art and design skills. She is always eager to help any of her students in any way she can.

What is the most underrated element of CUW?

An underrated element of CUW is the co-op programs offered for certain majors. Fine art majors—such as Visual Communications and Interior Architecture and Design—are given the opportunity to take some classes through the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and it was an amazing opportunity to learn about design through a school that focuses on the arts.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is The Bluff, when the weather is nice. It can be very peaceful and relaxing, and it is a great escape from homework.

What drew you to Concordia?

I was drawn by the beautiful campus, welcoming atmosphere, and amazing opportunities!

What has been your favorite class here at CUW and why?

My favorite class so far is Drawing II. There is so much more media involved in drawing besides just graphite pencils, and it was so fun to try different techniques and materials!

Want in?

Our visual communication courses prepare you for digital and print design careers. Partnered with MIAD, our Mequon campus hosts most classes, including core and major requirements. A dedicated on-campus lab facilitates project work. Only 12-18 credits are at MIAD. Consider a complementary minor like business or marketing for a well-rounded education.