Concordia University Wisconsin's Batterman School of Business has introduced a Business Analytics program in both a traditional and accelerated format.

Assistant Professor John Fields will oversee the programs in his first year of academia, bringing 29 years of experience from Rockwell Automation where he served as Director of Global Customer Data for six years. Fields was Director of Business Intelligence for Rockwell Automation from 2008-2012.

“I look forward to utilizing my diverse background in computer science, pricing, e-business, security, and marketing to collaborate with students, faculty, faith-based institutions and the community,” said Fields, who earned his master’s in Applied Data Science in June from Syracuse University in New York.

Concordia’s traditional program in Business Analytics and Organizational Performance totals 123 credits, and in part will equip students to:

  • Summarize principles of Christian ethics related to business intelligence
  • Describe models for effective decision making to achieve business objectives
  • Articulate assumptions, analyses, and interpretations of data in a written and oral format

Only two other Wisconsin universities offer a traditional program, according to Fields, who noted a Gallup higher education survey indicates 69% of employers prefer candidates who possess these skills. Graduates will be able to integrate business intelligence/information systems, statistics, and quantitative methods/operations research into a career as a business intelligence analyst, a business operations specialist, a marketing research analyst, a data warehousing specialist, or a management analyst.

The 120-credit, accelerated degree in Business Analytics and Change Management will prepare students to:

  • Become Christian leaders capable of making data-driven decisions that enhance organizational performance
  • Identify emerging markets
  • Solve complex business problems

Many companies today are generating, collecting and storing information to increase their value, and this fast-growing career path has applications in every industry and for companies of all sizes.

Concordia’s School of Business, one of six within the university, is housed within the new Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center.

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