This week we are once again celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week, and showing our gratitude to the Lutheran primary schools all over the nation. The preschools, elementary schools and high schools are preparing young Christians to enter the mission field and continually proclaim Christ's love throughout their lives.

Here at Concordia we are blessed to have students from Lutheran schools in states across the country. From St. Louis to Rockford, these students were mentored by dedicated teachers and administrators to be witnesses and disciples in every stage of their life.

We are honored to be the continuation of these students’ Lutheran education and hope to build on the strong foundation that began in their home states. Here are some reasons Naomi Buss loves Concordia and why she believes fellow Rockford Lutheran students would love CUW, too.

Naomi Buss is a senior double majoring in Lutheran Special Education and Elementary Education with a minor in Theology. Naomi graduated from Rockford Lutheran in Rockford, Illinois in 2014.

Why should someone else from Rockford Lutheran come to CUW?

I found the transition from Rockford Lutheran to CUW to be very smooth, I was well prepared in high school for the academics here at Concordia. Rockford Lutheran graduates would thrive in Concordia’s supportive, Christ filled environment. It is also not too far away so it is easy to travel home and see some of my favorite people who have inspired me to be a teacher.

What is the most underrated element of CUW?

The most underrated element of CUW is the professors. As I get ready to go into student teaching I know that I have a whole team of professors that are all on my side and are rooting for me to succeed. The education professors are always working together to make sure that we are going to be the best teachers we can be. The first time I stepped on to Concordia’s campus I felt the support from them and I know that I will be supported by them even after I graduate.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is the cross down by the beach. It is such a place of peace that I have gone to many times during my time here at Concordia. It reminds me why I went into my major and who really is in control.

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In my final year at Concordia, I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

Interested in visiting CUW? Join us for Lutheran High School Visit Day on March 6th!

— Madelyne Arrigoni is a senior studying English, Mass Communications, and Photography. She plans to graduate in 2022.

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