Here at Concordia we have the gift of being located on a crossroads of culture, nature, and history. Within an hour or two, any number of day trips are possible, and the dedicated explorer may just find a new hidden gem where they least expect it.

Into the city

Just 30 minutes south of Mequon is the bustling city of Milwaukee. Though there are too many attractions in the city to name, here are a few of our top picks.

The Third Ward is a revitalized warehouse district along the river. It boasts unique eateries and eclectic shops as well as a safe, accessible environment.

The Milwaukee County Zoo is a great place to reconnect with your inner-child! The zoo has wildlife from every corner of the world, education experiences, and wonderful staff.

The cathedrals in the city boast a rich heritage and a wide swath of religious associations. Visiting these historic buildings is a great opportunity to experience impressive architecture.

For the outdoorsy

Whether you are a hiker, biker, or simply a lover of the outdoors, you are lucky to be within about two hours of a variety of county and state parks, nature preserves, and trails. There is no shortage of opportunities to take in God’s creation. These are just a few of the plethora of local gems to take advantage of.

Seeking a new experience?

If you love the theater and are seeking a unique thespian experience, head over to the American Players Theater in Spring Green, WI. Performing mostly Shakespeare and other classical texts, this facility has both indoor and outdoor performance spaces and draws over 110,000 people each year.

LaClare Creamery is the perfect mix of education, farm animals, and unique food. Head on over to take a tour of the facility, meet the goats, and grab a delicious cheese board made right on site!

First opened in 1955, Road America offers hundreds of thousands of visitors high-speed entertainment each year. The 4.048-mile, 14-turn track maintains its original configuration to this day. Head on over for a classic race weekend, or check out one of their other cool group events.

The history buff can travel from the 1840s to the 1910s at Old World Wisconsin and experience life throughout the history of our beautiful state. Explore, interact with costumed staff, or simply wander through this beautiful facility located on 600 acres of gorgeous Wisconsin landscape.

For the thrill seekers

Wisconsin Dells is a cornucopia of nature, excitement, and sights. There is truly something for everyone in the waterpark capital of the world.

Bay Beach is a municipal amusement park in Green Bay, WI that offers a whole lot of fun for not a lot of money. Park-goers can enjoy roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and bumper cars.

Small town Wisconsin

Each with their own quirks and charm, Concordia is surrounded by small towns galore. Take a drive to any one of these hidden gems to escape the hustle of college life and slow down a bit. This is a great way to take advantage of local festivals and be discover the wonders of southeastern Wisconsin.

Big city experience

Chicago is only two hours away. Who knew? It is a wonder that a quick ride on the Amtrak can get you into the heart of the Windy City hassle free. As one of America’s major cities, Chicago offers no shortage of enriching culture, delicious food, and one of a kind sights to see. This is definitely something to take advantage of while at Concordia!

— Madelyne Arrigoni is a senior studying English, Mass Communications, and Photography. She plans to graduate in 2022.

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