A Concordia year-opener tradition moved online...and we didn't hate it.

Sure, this year’s virtual Skit Night sacrificed some of the fun brought on by the Concordia student community packing the Todd Wehr Auditorium to watch student leadership groups yuck it up on stage.

Instead, groups pre-recorded their skits and students were invited on Tuesday night to either view it live (socially distanced) in Albrecht Lounge or online in their rooms.

While I, for one, did miss the camaraderie of hearing hundreds of my peers’ infectious laughter, I was still glad the night went on. I was one of the dozen or so who took in the show from Albrecht, and I have to say that the live-streamed videos made for an entertaining evening.

If you missed Skit Night earlier this week, the beauty of this year’s event is that the videos are all available for viewing online. Here are a few of the moments that made me personally laugh and might be worth a watch.

When Paul jumped into Seth’s arms in a freak-out moment over whether or not Ryley had a fever…

“What does warm mean?!”

CHEMNITZ HALL (Starting at minute 1:13) The residents of Chemnitz got a lesson in COVID safety in a very real and memorable way. The hall parodied the fire safety episode of “The Office” and had RD Ryley Schetter stand in as “COVID” while the other residents haplessly attempted to respond to her presence.

When Coordinating Council rolled up to President Ferry’s house for dinner…

“You should have used the front door!”

CMLT COORDINATING COUNCIL (Starting at minute 1:47) Through an adaptation of an Allstate commercial, Coordinating Council showed a comedic representation of some of the mishaps that may be occurring on our campus this year. The skit culminated with a cameo by our very own President Ferry.

When Joe and Eli headed into Lake Michigan to stand in line for the caf…

“Well, this is better than a couple days ago.”

FAITH ASSOCIATES (Starting at minute 1:30) Our in-dorm faith support gave Concordians a taste of what their life is like on the daily. As shown in the skit, most of a Faith Associate’s day is spent in line for the caf and sanitizing everything. They were so committed to the idea of a caf line stretching all the way through campus, Joe and Eli headed into Lake Michigan to follow COVID protocol and stay six feet apart.

When Tanner stole Lily Kate’s Falcon ID to get a meal swipe when he lost his own…

“I just need to get some food!”

HEIDELBERG STAFF (Starting at minute 1:44) In a series of scenes from “The Office,” the RAs of Heidelberg demonstrated various campus policies. From spilling pickles to traffic violations, this small staff gave us big laughs. A high point of the 10-minute video was Tanner and Lily Kate’s spoof of Jim’s identity theft bit.

When Marie showed her RAs how to wear their masks…


REGENT’S STAFF (Starting at minute 1:30) After a “Full House”- style introduction, the Regents staff learned all about their hall’s COVID conscious rules. Marie’s simple, wordless demonstrations were informational and entertaining, especially the three-step process to putting on a mask.

— Madelyne Arrigoni is a senior studying English, Mass Communications, and Photography. She plans to graduate in 2022.

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