Alumni Mentor Program

Mentorship matters. CUW students, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the new Alumni Mentor Program. The Sept. 7 deadline to apply and supply a faculty recommendation is approaching.

It makes a big difference when you have someone in your life who wants to help you grow academically, personally, professionally, and vocationally. A recent survey conducted by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse, with support from Kaplan, found that more than half of the college students they surveyed who had one or more mentors had favorable things to say about the experience. Additionally,

  • 62% of students who had a mentor felt somewhat or extremely prepared to enter the workforce or go on to their next educational degree, compared to 53% who felt somewhat or extremely unprepared
  • 64% of students who had a mentor felt extremely certain about post-graduation goals, compared to 38% who felt extremely uncertain about their goals

For these reasons and more, Concordia’s Office of Student Success has partnered with CUW’s Alumni Services Department to launch the Alumni Mentor Program. The program aims to establish meaningful, personal, and professional coaching relationships between current CUW students and alumni.

And there’s no better mentor to have than a CUW alum, says Assistant Director of Industry Relations Stacy Tolomeo.

“The alumni who have volunteered for this program are eager to serve and they bring a perspective that’s unique from any other mentor our students could find because they understand what it means to live out their faith in the workplace and they value Concordia’s mission,” says Tolomeo. “Plus, they naturally have a heart for students, because they were once in your shoes.”

Interested students must apply and provide a faculty recommendation by Sept. 7. Review additional eligibility requirements below or on the Alumni Mentor Program webpage.

Who is the mentorship program for?

Undergraduate and graduate students alike may participate. Facilitators will strive to match student mentees with alumni mentors who match their interests. These alumni have been carefully selected out of a pool of applicants for their support for the CUW mission, expertise in their industry, and commitment to vocation.

How it will work

The program will start with an initial launch event on the CUW campus on Sept. 20 from 6:30-8 p.m. Before you participate in the launch event though, you need to apply. Some considerations for application:

  • Student eligibility begins at 60 credits
  • A faculty recommendation is needed for application
  • There is no guarantee of a match, but facilitators will do their very best to find you a mentor
  • will need to complete an online mentee orientation packet (takes about 10 minutes) which will then allow facilitators to match you with an alumnus or alumna mentor.

From there, you will need to complete an online mentee orientation packet (takes about 10 minutes) so you can better understand what to expect and what is expected of you.

Once you’ve been admitted and paired with a mentor, you will have the freedom and flexibility to set up meetings according to your schedule. The goal is for you to meet at least once a month from September through April. You’re encouraged to meet in person whenever possible, but no one will be excluded from participation if this goal cannot be met.

Learn more

The Alumni Mentor Program is intended to create a deeply meaningful impact on both mentees and mentors. Students will learn from gifted and successful CUW alumni outside the classroom to enhance their CUW educational experience; preparing them for success in the workforce.