Concordia has been a continually giving gift, both to my career aspirations and my faith life. I have been given opportunities to step up to leadership positions within student organizations and make meaningful connections with my fellow young Christians.

I find myself constantly grateful for my choice to attend Concordia as I reflect on how my life has been positively impacted during my time here. I can feel God’s presence so strongly here on campus and I carry a sense of purpose to His service wherever I go.

Since an internship experience in high school, I have intended to pursue a career in journalism. I have been able to grow in my writing ability and cultivate new skills at Concordia with my position as a student worker in the Strategic Communications office. My experiences have shown me the possibilities that come with writing in a Christian environment with a service focus and has made me even more passionate about writing. You can see some of my work on our blog –

Thank you for contributing to so many students’ Christian education. Without you, I would not be able to be attend this amazing school. Concordia is an extraordinary place for young adults to grow in their faith and prepare for their vocations. This school arms young Christians with the skills, knowledge, and community to make a positive impact on the world. You are giving so many students the opportunities to explore their God-given gifts and prepare for a life of discipleship.

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