A tradition started decades ago to bring students, faculty and staff together for a weekly noon Bible Study continued earlier today, albeit in a virtual format.

Campus Pastor Rev. Steven Smith began this semester’s theme of “Excuses Great and Small” by delving into the familiar story of Adam and Eve, as 30 faculty, staff, students and alumni joined in via Zoom. “People have had some amazing excuses when God confronted them or called them into service,” said Smith in introducing the study. “By looking at Adam and Eve, we also look at ourselves.”

The group started with Genesis 2:15-25, where even though Adam and God had an intimate relationship and all seemed good, it was indeed God who raises the question of Adam being alone. “There is a oneness that God knows about, as one was split into two with God’s creation of Eve so they could become one again,” said Smith.

The study affirmed that absolutely nothing can be hidden from God. While Adam attempted to point the finger at Eve for offering him the forbidden fruit, the serpent for tricking Eve, and even God for placing Eve and the serpent on Earth, there are consequences for one’s excuses. Smith concluded by stating that despite consequences which include difficulties in life, one thing is for certain – God’s promise of eternal life.

Next week’s topic will center on Cain and Abel. Other studies this semester are planned on:

  • Moses
  • The Friends of Goliath
  • David and Bathsheba
  • Peter

A Zoom link will be sent each Tuesday morning via In Our Prayers for those who would like to participate.

Smith has served as Concordia University Wisconsin’s campus pastor since 2002, although the one-hour study, another offshoot of Christian Life opportunities afforded to students, began years before that.

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