Subha Kumpaty

Concordia’s newly hired Chair of Engineering brings a unique blend of experiences and expertise to his role. Hosts from The Coffee Hour on KFUO spoke with Subha Kumpaty, PhD, about how these assets will impact Concordia’s new engineering programs.

Concordia University Wisconsin continues its momentum toward launching chemical and industrial engineering degrees. The two new bachelor’s degree programs are slated to begin in fall of 2024. Just last month, the university announced the man who will be leading the programs.

Subha Kumpaty, holds PhD, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees in engineering. He earned his doctorate in Engineering Science (Mechanical) from the University of Mississippi. His master’s and undergraduate degrees came from respected universities in his home country of India. Prior to accepting the CUW position, Kumpaty taught at the nationally ranked Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) for over 25 years.

His credentials in the subject field alone make him an obvious choice for the CUW role. However, Kumpaty’s dedication to faith puts him over the top. Well into his successful career, Kumpaty decided to pursue a Doctor of Ministry from Tyndale Theological Seminary in Hurt, Texas to further equip himself for lay ministry. He brings this passion to the forefront now on behalf of Concordia.

In the media

Last week, Kumpaty joined Andrew Bates and Sarah Gulseth, hosts of KFUO’s The Coffee Hour, on a call to talk about his new role, his unique background, and his plans for Concordia’s burgeoning programs.

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Want in?

Concordia is now accepting applicants for its chemical and industrial engineering programs, which are scheduled to start classes in fall 2024. The Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree has a specialized focus on clean energy, while the industrial engineering bachelor’s degree balances technical skills, faith-based learning, and a liberal arts foundation.