CMLT Student Leaders

Meet the Concordia University Wisconsin Campus Ministry Leadership Team’s Coordinating Council for the 2022-23 school year.

CUW’s Christ-centered, student-led Campus Ministry team is one of the things that help make life here so special—and this year’s team is no exception. Each of the faith-filled students on the council, from a wide range of backgrounds, leads or co-leads a different branch of the Campus Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT) to serve our CUW community, the greater Milwaukee area, and even the world.

“Our Coordinating Council exists to support our other ministry leaders by way of encouragement, accountability, and prayer,” explained Associate Campus Pastor Doug Bender. “They are a great joy to partner with, and aid our staff tremendously by keeping us all connected to one another as we serve CUW.”

Council President Rachel Bender (no relation to Pastor Doug) is excited about what this year’s team has in store. Something new for 2022-23 is a ministry known as E.M.T., or “Emergency Ministry Team.”

“E.M.T. is basically a group of volunteers who want to be involved but can’t necessarily commit to weekly meetings,” Rachel said. “If there’s an event that needs help or support, we’ll reach out to that team and see who’s available to help. We think it’s going to be a great way to involve students who don’t have as much time to commit.”

Want to get involved? Feel free to reach out to Rachel at Or click on the link at the bottom of the page to learn more!

Meet the Coordinating Council team

Rachel Bender

Rachel Bender (’23) | President

Vermilion, OH | Lutheran Elementary and Special Education

Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12 | “This verse serves as a constant reminder for me to be confident in myself and use the gifts God has provided me with to be a model for others in faith.”

Ryan Milbrath

Ryan Milbrath (’23) | Administrative Assistant

Freeville, NY | Preseminary

“CMLT was a huge part of helping me through hard times and growing my faith. I love being a part of that and helping make it that same great resource for other people.”

Taylor McKibbins

Taylor McKibbins (’25) | Media Coordinator

Menomonee Falls, WI | Visual Communications

Favorite Bible Verse: Lamentations 3:22 | “What I love most about being a part of CMLT is working with so many wonderful people who are so passionate about their ministries!”

Joe Pleinis

Joe Pleinis (’23) | Campus Fellowship Branch Coordinator

Crossville, TN | Theology

Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9 | “As God watches over the ancient Israelites and help them through the darkest of times and the passing of the torch from Moses to the next generation, He also watches over the modern world and works in and through us. This constant reminder has served me well in my faith life as I face the struggles of college and trusting in Him.”

Savannah Jens

Savannah Jens (’23) | Campus Fellowship Branch Coordinator

New London, WI | Psychology

Biggest spiritual influences: “Pastor Doug [Bender] and my counselor. Both encourage me in my faith and want me to succeed not only physically and mentally, but spiritually. In their actions they have led me to see Christ in all they do. I hope to impact the faith of others just as they have done for me.”

Hallie Barteau

Hallie Barteau (’23) | Service to the World Branch Coordinator

Springfield, IL | Nursing

“After Jesus, my most significant spiritual influence is my father. He models the faith in his everyday life by serving those around him and witnessing to the less fortunate in his community. My father makes every person feel seen and loved by Christ no matter their past or present situation.”

Isaiah Mudge

Isaiah Mudge (’23) | Service to Milwaukee Branch Coordinator

Germantown, WI | Philosophy/Theological Language

Favorite Bible Verse: Ephesians 2:8-9 | “My most significant spiritual influence is my father. He is a pastor and has taught me how to be a Christian by modeling it with his own walk.”

Susan Habegger

Susan Habegger (’23) | Congregational Ministries Branch Coordinator

Fort Wayne, IN | Lutheran Secondary Education-English

Favorite Bible Verse: Habakkuk 1:5b | “This verse is a beautiful reminder that God is doing work in our lives that is so good that we wouldn’t believe Him if He told us about it. We just get to trust that His plan is infinitely better than any plan we could imagine for ourselves.”

Brian Frank

Brian Frank (’24) | Worship Committee Branch Coordinator

Watertown, WI | Applied Theology and Theological Languages

Favorite Bible Verse: Act 4:12 | “My favorite thing about being a part of CMLT is the opportunity to give Christ-centered service to the CUW community.”

Want in?

The student leaders profiled here represent just a small fraction of the students involved in leading Campus Ministry at CUW. To get involved or learn more about this essential campus program, click on the link below, or contact Rachel Bender at

CMLT group photo in front of CUW Chapel