International students' favorite comment to pass along to future Master of Science in Rehabilitation Science enrollees is "King is king." And they truly mean that.


King is one of Concordia’s most revered faculty members among international circles. Over the years, he has built a program that includes international learners and fully prepares them for success, not just in the U.S., but in the broader context of the wider world. Designing and implementing a program like this is not easy, but King has done just that, and his students could not be more satisfied.

King’s courses include Evidence-based Practice in Rehabilitation, Adult Neurological Conditions, and the MSRS 650 course: Research Project. If you’re fortunate enough to take one of his classes, a word of wisdom: make sure you’re on time for it. King is known for being punctual!

Here are a few other details to help you get to know one of CUW international students’ most respected profs.

What are some of your hobbies/special interests?

King: They include research, reading, and home construction.

You’ve been identified as a professor who is a favorite among international students. What do you do to make international learners feel at home and why do you make a priority of doing this?

King: I do this by making learning enjoyable, respecting the cultures of the different students, and responding to the students in a timely manner.

In your experience, what value have international students added to your classes/the Concordia experience

King: Helping the CUW community understand and respect different cultures and religions.

Describe your teaching style. What might international students expect to find if they decide to take one of your classes?

King: My teaching style is interactive with many clinical examples to assist in understanding and using the information.

Being a student in a foreign country can bring its fair share of challenges. In your opinion, is it worth it? Why?

King: Definitely! I have visited and/or taught in 50 countries and it is a great experience to learn to appreciate other cultures and understand both differences and similarities to your own.

Name one thing (and explain it) that sets Concordia apart from other options out there for international students? What might an international student expect to find when they step foot on campus?

King: It is a “welcoming” atmosphere for international students including a variety of different cultures in a very “accepting” atmosphere.

How might pursuing a degree in your field of expertise be relevant/necessary for a global citizen?

King: Occupational and physiotherapy is a need throughout the world and it is helpful to learn approaches from different countries.

What advice would you give to incoming international students?

King: Immerse yourself not only in your studies but also in learning the culture of living in the United States

What do you want prospective international students to know about Concordia?

King: We value the different culture and learning experiences from ALL countries and “grow” from the experience of having international students at CUW.

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— Kai Goldenstein is a student writer and senior year Social Work major, minoring in German

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