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Haven is defined as a place of refuge or safety, and for students at CUW, it is no different. Here on campus, Haven is a weekly worship service held on campus on Sunday nights. It’s a place that students can go for encouragement, fellowship, and community.

It started in 2000 and originally was only held once a month. Pastor Smith shared his memories of Haven throughout the years. When he first came to CUW in 2002, there were only three bands as opposed to the current four but the format was the same as it is to this day. There have always been six songs, a message, and prayer time. But Pastor Smith shared that there have been other parts of Haven that have come and gone throughout the years. During the early 2000s, there were student-made skits and videos shown before the service related to the message. In later years, there were even puppet shows sometimes. There was even a period where a unique poster would be made and placed around campus for each Haven service.

The time and place of Haven hasn’t always been the same either. When Pastor Smith first arrived at Concordia, Haven took place at 7:45 on Sunday evenings, as opposed to its current 7 meeting time. He also recalls that Haven had met in Albrecht Lounge before its current spot, the Terrace Room. One thing that has not changed over the years is the uniqueness of Haven. Nothing on Campus is like Haven, which is one of the things that make it special.

Haven Coordinator Katie Slominsky has been a part of Haven since she was a first-year student at CUW. She was first drawn to Haven as a freshman during the time of Covid, as it gave her something to be involved in. The more she went and the more she became involved, the more she saw her personal relationship with Christ grow. Now, as a senior, she gets to use her role as a coordinator to help bring that same experience to other students on campus. Not only does she get to help make Haven a wonderful experience for others, but she gets to see all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the service each Sunday night. Haven is a community of students who come together for worship but also who are committed to making each service a success.

Another member of the Haven leadership team shared her thoughts about Haven and its impact on campus. Band leader Lydia Parrish, a junior, shared how she can see the Holy Spirit at work through the songs and the message at each Haven service. She also elaborated on the uniqueness of Haven and how it is special to so many students on campus saying that, “Haven teaches students in the most unique and powerful way.”

Join the collective!

Since its start in 2000, Haven has grown into a beloved part of campus culture. It is a place where the student body can gather and worship Christ and be encouraged by the Word of God. Come experience the community and encouragement Haven offers in the Terrace Room at 7 pm on Sunday nights.

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—Grace Velzke is a writer and social media manager for The Beacon. She is a junior pursuing a degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Business Communication.