I am beyond blessed by how God works through people like our donors and am encouraged knowing that I have their support in my journey at Concordia. I love the Lord and spreading His joy, and do so through the multiple on-campus ministries I’m involved in.

I have an on-campus job as a faith associate, serving as a Christian resource for students and as a band leader for Haven (a student band). I also lead a ministry called Street Team in which we help the homeless around the Mequon area by volunteering at food pantries and other homeless ministries. I am also a part of a youth-ministry club that goes out to other churches and hosts overnight lock-ins, the chapel set-up crew, Beautiful Feet (a mission-based club), and a few different Bible study groups. Outside of school, I am involved at a place called Camp Luther where I was a counselor this past summer.

I am so excited about the prospect of being able to do this for a career as I am studying in the Director of Church Ministries program. Because of our donors and their incredible generosity, this path is becoming much more attainable for me. I cannot express my thanks enough for all that our donors and friends are doing to help students like me!

To read about Concordia’s student ministries, click here: https://www.cuw.edu/life/christian-life/student-ministries.html

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