Emily GoetzEmily Goetz

I am currently a Doctor of Physical Therapy student nearing graduation. In addition to spending the past 3 years in my graduate program, I have been offered the opportunity to continue my education with CUW, and have accepted one of two positions in the Orthopedic Residency Program.

I am thrilled to continue my education at Concordia and commend the professors, staff, and extended Concordia community for the type of educational experience that is created here; one in which Christ’s love is lived out daily. I am writing this letter to offer my sincere appreciation for your generous, financial support of the students of Concordia. It allows us to take advantage of opportunities to further share and experience the love of Christ across the nation and world.

Personally, donors’ generous, financial support afforded me the opportunity to participate in a service trip to Nicaragua last year. Under the direction of our professor, Dr. Cheryl Petersen, six physical therapy students spent two weeks providing physical therapy services to the community members of Aposentillo, Nicaragua. As I am sitting here reflecting on that experience and what keeps coming to mind are the smiles of the children and families we served and supported. Most of these families had little in terms of resources, food, or possessions, but what was evidently abundant was love, and they were not hesitant to share everything they could with us. I was completely humbled by the generosity of this community, and coming back to a lifestyle where everyone I know has more than they could ever possibly need was a difficult transition.

I have been truly inspired by the people I met in Nicaragua and by you to follow the example of generosity, especially when I am feeling sorry for myself for being a “broke graduate student.”  I left for Nicaragua simply thinking I was going to be providing physical therapy services to the Aposentillo community, and while this occurred, more importantly I experienced and received an immeasurable amount of love and joy.  The experience profoundly changed my life in so many positive ways and I am grateful for your generosity.

Sincere appreciation and blessings,

Emily Goetz

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