David SchlechtDavid Schlecht

As I look back at my time here, I realize how truly blessed I am. It is the simple things that have made a huge difference to me.

Daily chapel services have forced me to stop my studies for 20 minutes each day and remember why I chose Concordia in the first place. Another reminder comes from my professors, who have helped me grow in my faith, in the knowledge of the doctrines of the Lutheran Church, and in many different ways in which I can defend my faith.

The last simple—yet extraordinary—aspect has been the experience I have had on campus with the people who also want to help me grow as an individual. Whether that be playing volleyball in the fieldhouse, late night studying in the library, conversations around food in the cafeteria, or simple talks with roommates and friends in the residence halls, we continually help and support each other, no matter what stage of life we are facing.

For me, it’s the simple things Concordia has to offer that have created an atmosphere which makes my experience uncommon. I am grateful for all who have supported me through this—including our donors—whether I have known, met, or talked with them or not. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without CUW.

God’s blessings,

David Schlecht


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