Partnering with the Wisconsin Math Council, the new group—one of just three such groups in the state—aims to foster growth within the mathematics education community.

This fall, Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) proudly launched a new student group aimed at nurturing the next generation of math teachers. Joining the ranks of institutions like UW River Falls and UW Lacrosse, CUW now stands as one of three applied and approved student-affiliate groups in the state of Wisconsin.

The group is called the NOTICE Affiliate Group (“Nurturing Our Talents in Critical thinking and Exploration in mathematics). Operating under the umbrella of the Wisconsin Math Council (WMC), a dedicated community committed to connecting, supporting, and empowering diverse mathematics enthusiasts, NOTICE is set to make a significant impact. The WMC organizes an annual conference, provides membership offerings, and offers various services to foster growth within the mathematics community.

In November, CUW’s math teacher hopefuls had their first joint event, featuring Lisa Hennessy, President of the Wisconsin Math Council, as the keynote speaker.

A collaborative effort

The primary objective of Concordia’s group is to prepare pre-service math teachers in mind, body, and spirit. This involves nurturing their passion for mathematics while instilling essential values such as teamwork, critical thinking, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Achieving this goal will require collaboration with peers, professors, and current educators in the field.

“Teachers can often feel like they are on an island and I always craved more collaboration and networking in my time as a math teacher,” said Assistant Professor Jonathan Balsman, the faculty advisor for the group. “I am very excited to help foster a community of pre-service math teachers that can collaborate, work with the community, and learn more ways to integrate God’s blueprint of creation into their teaching.”

Through this collaborative network, CUW’s group aims to enhance current mathematical practices, curriculum development, research in math assessment and instruction, and foster a sense of math mindfulness. The ultimate aim is to empower future educators to help their students notice, describe, and generalize mathematical patterns, enabling them to apply this knowledge to the world around them.

As the group gears up for future events, CUW is keen to connect with current and past math teachers from the field. Additionally, the group is eager to collaborate with local schools, working alongside their math departments to organize meaningful events that contribute to the development of aspiring math teachers. By creating a supportive network and engaging with experienced professionals, CUW’s new NOTICE Affiliate Group is poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of math education, ensuring that future educators are well-equipped to inspire a love for mathematics in their students.

Want in?

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