Nurse Dedication

Concordia celebrates another new class of sophomore nursing students as they prepare to begin their clinical studies.

It’s one of those things that makes being at Concordia University Wisconsin very special. Each semester, as a new class of sophomore nursing students prepares to begin their clinical studies, colleagues and loved ones gather as part of a special Chapel service to dedicate those students to the Lord and their calling as nurses.

“Each semester we look forward to dedicating our second-semester sophomore nursing class,” explained Dr. Dawn Kuerschner, Chair Undergraduate Nursing—Mequon Campus. “This time-honored tradition is an opportunity to celebrate the vocation that God has called these students to; a vocation that exemplifies humility and compassion in doing God’s work.”

During the service, Rev. Dr. Dan Paavola preached a wonderful message about “growing up” into your calling; Rev. Doug Bender conducted the dedication. At the conclusion, students recited the Nursing Pledge and were given a mustard seed, representing faith, by the Student Nurses Association. They will also receive a pocket New Testament, provided by Gideons International.

The service also included a special hymn, “Jesus, Once You Dwelt Among Us,” written in 2008 especially for the 25th anniversary of the CUW Department of Nursing.

Congratulations to all these students as they embark on an exciting new path in their education journey!

  • Madelyn Buss
  • Rebecca Curley
  • Selena Esparza
  • Blaine Evers
  • Jadyn Georgenson
  • Kathryn Grulke
  • Elizabeth Hagen
  • Andra Hansen
  • Riley Johnson
  • Rachel Kilgas
  • Benjamin Kraft
  • Kendra Krahenbuhl
  • Faith Lee
  • Grace Lehman
  • Casey Makinen
  • Lena Manassra
  • Sage McDaniel
  • Kylee Nelson
  • Auden Pearson
  • Aimee Phillip
  • Molly Pierson
  • Kayla Remmel
  • Nicholas Renier
  • Savanna Ridge
  • Kayla Samann
  • Halli Schneiderwendt
  • Claire Seifferlein
  • Shania Shea
  • Kirsten Steiner
  • Sylecia Weisman-Ramey

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