Pradeep and Robin Kuzu in the CIC

The NOW: Pradeep has been awarded the FOX Corporation’s company-wide Technology MVP Award for outstanding performance in Network Services. He was nominated by FOX Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer and President of Digital, Paul Cheesbrough. FOX Corporation, which you may recognize from FOX Sports, FOX Entertainment, FOX News, etc. is a large, American mass media company.

In FOX’s Backstage platform they explain his nomination for this quarterly company-wide award,

Pradeep Kumar Chagantipati: Pradeep has been and continues to be an integral member of the Media & Broadcast Network Engineering team. His efforts standing up the datacenters at the Fox Technology Center and partner carrier hotel Phoenix NAP, as well as supporting the Broadcast and Infrastructure teams’ installations in the FTC, are absolutely critical to launching our new broadcast facility on-time. As an early Pico to Tempe transplant, he allowed the network engineering team to hit the ground running in Arizona, also helping to facilitate the Broadcast Operations training center at the WeWork office. Along with these critical FTC priorities, he has continued to provide NFL, MLB, and MLS support along with the rest of the network team.”

Vice President of Enterprise Networking & Operations at FOX Technology, Sam Cho, nominated Pradeep for this award. Cho has continuously been, “very supportive,” and “always appreciates my hard work,” says Pradeep.

Pradeep relocated from the FOX Technology L.A. location to Arizona in February 2020 to help launch the project. They needed someone with experience building networks, firewalls, and more. Pradeep’s skills in multi-tasking various computer science projects, coupled with being available for new things that popped up in their Slack team, meant that Pradeep has been a key player at the company. In fact, Pradeep is now in the process of completing his permanent residency application as they would like to employ Pradeep for the long term!



Pradeep first learned about Concordia University Wisconsin’s Computer Science program at a college fair in India, where he met Amanda Reitz, Director of International Admissions & Retention. Amanda helped explain the differences between the US and Indian education systems, and described how a Concordia education could help him reach his goals. Because of the International Center’s quick turnaround time, Pradeep’s first acceptance letter came from Concordia!

Pradeep credits the projects he worked on during his Computer Science master’s program here at Concordia University Wisconsin for preparing him for the career force. They gave Pradeep excellent experience that he was able to talk about in interviews.

He loved Wisconsin as soon as he moved here, and has come back every year (prior to COVID-19) to visit friends. Pradeep hopes to visit Wisconsin again next year. Some of his favorite memories from his time in Wisconsin were going to the Barthel Farm and sharing Holi and Indian culture at the Cedarburg Public Library.



Pradeep Kumar’s work ethic was legendary when he was a Concordia University Wisconsin MS Computer Science student and International Center student worker before he graduated in 2017, and his amazing efforts are still paying off!

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