Are you finding yourself suddenly isolated from your team and working from home? Remote work doesn't have to be overwhelming; we've got some resources for you.

If you’ve ever wished for the opportunity to try out remote work, you got your wish! Whether you’re ecstatic or stressed about your new work situation, making the transition smoothly and then maintaining that transition can be difficult and lonely. We’re here to help. First upour resource library.

How to Use This Library

Bookmark this page and return to it often. We’ll update this page as we release new resources or find additional ones to help you flourish as a professional. 

Right now, what you’ll see on this page are resources relevant to your current life—what you need to transition into remote work without losing any of your momentum. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding more resources to this page to help you maintain your transition as well as help you flourish long-term. 

1. Maintain Professional Wellbeing

Dr. Elizabeth Polzin, the Assistant Vice President of Academics and Student Success here at Concordia, recently joined up with Newaukee to talk about professional wellbeing in their first-ever Cloud Cafe event. You can watch a recording of the Facebook Live event to get some helpful tips on how to maintain your wellbeing during this time of remote work.



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2. Engage Your Employees Strategically

If you’re in a management position, this post is for you. With your team now scattered and daily communications reduced to phone calls and video conferencing, it’s easy to feel out of control. But rather than flail about it, use this time to strategically set the stage for how you’ll engage your employees and, ultimately, retain them. Remember, how you treat your employees right now is the true test of your leadership and will speak volumes to those around you.



3. Choose Mindfulness with Scripture Meditation

One of our theology professors put together a post on five verses to meditate on during the pandemic. If you’re finding yourself feeling tense, stressed, or anxious during this time, take some time to read through his recommendations. Meditate on the scriptures included in his post and evaluate their meaning in light of your personal situation as well as what the entire world is facing.



4. Encouragement for Decisionmakers 

Making decisions as a leader of any team or organization right now is difficult. With so much fear and uncertainty around both the present and the future, your decisions can create a much more emotional response than normal from people those decisions impact. If you’re feeling the weight and tension of this in your own professional life, we have some encouragement for you.



5. Start a Devotional Practice

Our Campus Ministry staff is working hard to provide encouragement to the Concordia community throughout our stay-at-home period. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, a different Concordia faculty or staff member will share a brief devotional message that is intended to bring hope in His eternal promises and biblical perspective for the days and weeks ahead. If you need some encouragement, you can re-watch previous messages.



6. Plan for the future

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is the importance of being operationally prepared for critical uncertainties. But, you may ask, how can we plan for the future if the future is unknown? The answer is scenario planning.



7. Maintain personal health while working from home

Whether it’s proper posture, choosing the right chair, or setting up your monitor correctly, there are many ways that your health can be impacted while you work from home in a temporary workspace. To help you avoid any negative outcomes, the Occupational Therapy Department is sharing some recommendations for your personal safety.


As a reminder, check back on this page often as we’ll be releasing new content to help you cope and flourish over the next few weeks. If there’s anything specific that you’d like to see us create, you can always send us an email by clicking here.