Following news of the Concordia Portland campus closure, we have been working diligently to provide resources and support to Portland students as they consider transition options and plan for their next educational steps. To streamline information, we are offering two interactive video sessions to answer questions about our graduate education programs.

If you’re a Portland student who is interested in Concordia University Wisconsin or Ann Arbor’s graduate education programs, you can get all of your questions answered in these sessions. During each one, you’ll get a chance to hear from the following individuals:

  • Dr. Michael Uden, vice provost of enrollment and engagement
  • Gretchen Jameson, senior vice president of university affairs
  • Dr. Steven Witt, program director and professor of graduate education

They’ll be addressing some of the common questions we’ve been getting from Portland students, including:

  • When to start the enrollment process
  • Whether or not you should remain in your current Portland course and other next step suggestions
  • How many credits you can transfer into our graduate education programs and Ed.D. doctoral program
  • What you should consider regarding your financial aid needs
  • What program completion timelines are possible, should you decide to transfer
  • How best to explore transfer program options and get to know CUW and CUAA better

If you have other questions or concerns, you’ll get the opportunity to ask those in real-time and dialogue directly with the facilitators.

We currently have two video sessions scheduled via Zoom. If you’re interested in attending, bookmark this page and use the links below to join the session at its scheduled time.

Transferring to Concordia University Wisconsin or Ann Arbor

Whatever you need to finish out your degree, we want to help. We’re accepting complete credit transfers from current Portland students, pending transcript evaluation. We’re also offering a new Portland Student scholarship to make the transfer process as affordable as possible. The scholarship includes:

  • $200 toward eligible undergraduate courses
  • $500 toward eligible graduate courses

If you’re interested in transferring to Concordia Wisconsin or Ann Arbor, you can start the process here.

Articulation Agreements and Course Alignments

If you are transferring to Concordia University Wisconsin from Concordia Portland, you can find articulation agreements and course alignments for a variety of graduate and doctoral programs below. All files are available as PDF downloads.

Articulation agreements

Course alignments

Portland Student Application Update

Concordia University Wisconsin has received a high volume of Concordia Portland applications. Admissions personnel are working to review applications as promptly as possible. Please note there is an estimated three-day review period for transcripts after which an Admissions team member will be in touch to inform you of next steps.

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