Last month, I had shared with you that the Concordia Health Plan would cover testing for COVID-19 at 100% regardless of CHP option. The CHP has now been updated to include coverage for treatment of COVID-19 at 100% as well, if that treatment is received from an in-network provider.

To recap, the CHP will cover any medical testing* and treatment of COVID-19 at 100% for all options, including high deductible health plans (HDHP). As we progress through the COVID-19 crisis, CPS evaluate when this 100% coverage will be removed. Right now there is not a firm date for ending the 100% coverage.

  • The testing includes 100% coverage at in-network and out-of-network (OON) providers.  (Kaiser Permanente members must be tested at a Kaiser network facility.)
  • The treatment includes 100% coverage at in-network providers; out-of-network (OON) claims will be processed according to the member’s CHP option design.
  • Prescription drugs will be paid in accordance with the plan design in which the member is enrolled; there is no change as a result of COVID-19.  Members will still be responsible for their cost share, if applicable.

The testing and treatment also includes 100% coverage of all telehealth services including high deductible options, even for telehealth services not related to a COVID diagnosis.

Also included at 100% coverage is the new texting telehealth product called 98point6.

Please be advised a credit card may (but not always) be requested at telehealth enrollment but a card will not be charged except for Doctor on Demand.

Doctor on Demand is requiring payment up front; then a refund will be provided.  This is a system limitation that may not get resolved before the end of this COVID-19 crisis.

The maximum amount the member will pay is $52.80 for HDHP options or $10 for copay options. Again, this will be refunded.

Regarding the EAP through Cigna, there are some enhancements until 9/30/2020 for members as well as members of their households:

  • 10 free sessions per issue with a licensed clinician in Cigna’s EAP network (increased from 6 free sessions)
  • Meet with counselors virtually on a phone, tablet or home computer
  • Unlimited access to webcast recordings to help members deal with COVID-19 anxiety, fears and concerns

*Please note:  Antibody tests (serological testing to detect COVID-19 antibodies) are covered; however, tests must be either: (1) authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), (2) under review by the FDA, (3) developed and authorized by a state, or (4) determined appropriate by the Secretary of Health & Human Services.  Some of the initial antibody tests that were on the market have been recalled for unreliability. Antibody tests are tests that could indicate those who’ve had the COVID-19 illness at some point but never received official confirmation of infection.

As I learn more, I will share it.

Stay healthy, everyone!

Melodie L. Powers
Concordia Plan Services
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

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