Within the Concordia University System, Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor continues to serve the most Lutheran students and the largest population of church work students for the LCMS, according to the fall 2023 CUS report.

Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor is a proud member of the Concordia University System (CUS). This nationwide network of Concordias consists of six members – with locations in Ann Arbor, California, Chicagoland, Mequon, Minnesota, and Nebraska. While each institution of higher education is independently governed and operated (outside of CUW and CUAA), all hold a shared fidelity to the teachings of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Together, these Concordias are continuing the good work of raising up future leaders for the LCMS and beyond.

Each fall, the CUS releases an enrollment report for its member institutions. The fall 2023 report shows that the Mequon campus alone serves 215 undergraduate students who are pursuing degrees in church work fields – more than any other LCMS university nationwide. CUW also serves the greatest number of rostered church workers at the graduate level. Meanwhile, for the fourth straight year, the Ann Arbor campus’s total church work population increased, demonstrating promising forward momentum.

Church work highlights


  • The largest pre-seminary population in the CUS
  • The sole Director of Church Ministry (DCM) program in the CUS (CUW’s DCM program enrolls more students than any equivalent program in the system)
  • 124 rostered church workers at the graduate level, twice as much as the next-largest population
  • 4 church work-specific scholarships
  • 97 church work endowments (awarded annually)
  • $804,000 awarded to church workers in 23-24
  • $26,000 – average aid awarded


  • The sole Family Life Ministry program in the CUS
  • The only STEPS program (a paid internship program for undergraduate church workers)
  • A 10:1 church work student-to-faculty ratio
  • 4 church work-specific scholarships
  • 63 church work endowments (awarded annually)
  • $200,000 awarded to church workers in 23-24
  • $26,000 – average aid awarded

Lutheran learners

The fall 2023 CUS report also shows the vibrancy of CUWAA’s efforts to prepare future Lutheran leaders for the world, whether as a church worker or through a non-rostered vocation.

CUW and CUAA together enroll 1,917 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels who are declared Lutheran (any denomination).

Other highlights include:


  • 1,099 Lutheran students at the undergraduate level (largest in the CUS)
  • 541 Lutheran students at the graduate level (largest in the CUS)


  • 90% of the undergraduate population declared Christian (largest in the CUS)
  • 20% of the total population declared Lutheran (third-largest in the CUS)

Want in?

We invite you to explore whether God is calling you to join the ranks of CUWAA alumni who serve Christ as church workers throughout the world. Each campus offers more than a dozen majors that distinctly prepare learners for church work. Explore your options by clicking below.