Are you thinking about earning an MBA in Accounting?

Earning your MBA in Accounting

Many universities offer their Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting. The core of the MBA usually includes business courses in finance, marketing, management, and economics. If you choose to pursue an accounting concentration, your courses will likely include tax accounting, business strategy, financial accounting, and auditing theory and practice, according to

MBA Central explains the value of accounting MBAs like this: “Accounting MBAs can help to prepare you for the most popular accounting certifications — like the CPA — can lead to accounting management positions, can help graduates move into financial analyst positions, and can even prepare graduates to move all the way up the ladder to chief finance officer positions.”

Q + A with Program Director Amber Gray

Program Director Amber Gray, CPA

Amber Gray, CPA, is Concordia University’s Chair of Quantitative Business, as well as an assistant professor of accounting. Recently, Gray was named as the program director for the MBA program. Prof. Gray responded to two key questions many prospective students have when considering an MBA in accounting.

Question #1: Is earning an MBA in accounting worth it?

An MBA gives future business leaders a well-rounded education in core business concepts to be effective leaders in their organizations. Pairing an MBA with a concentration in accounting can really give students a competitive edge in understanding the financial statements and the financial data needed to drive business decisions.

Question #2: What makes Concordia’s program worthwhile?

As a graduate of the program, you’ll not only have greater expertise in accounting, but you’ll also come out as a better leader with the skills to make strategic decisions. You’ll know how to manage fraud, be confident in handling advanced accounting issues, communicate clearly, and lead diverse groups of people. Plus, you’ll have the knowledge you need to become a CPA – so you can join the field a step ahead.

Getting your MBA in Accounting at Concordia University

Concordia’s program will not only equip you for the CPA exam but for a career in the corporate world. You can complete this program online from anywhere, or in person from our Wisconsin campus.

What are your career goals? Do you see yourself starting your own business? Is the corporate world more your thing? Perhaps you’ve considered pursuing a position with the government. No matter which direction you choose, Concordia’s MBA in Accounting will prepare you to take on the challenges that arise in the field.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Intermediate accounting
  • Advanced accounting
  • Income taxes
  • Auditing

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