Have you ever thought about becoming a pharmacist? Angie Mohamed, PharmD, shares what her experience has been like.

Angie Mohamed’s path toward becoming a pharmacist


Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy graduate Angie Mohamed, PharmD, shares what her path toward becoming a pharmacist has been like.

Tell us about yourself. What’s your background? What do you like to do for fun?

My name is Angie Mohamed, and I am a first generation Egyptian-American. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Recently, I completed pharmacy school at Concordia University Wisconsin and a PGY1 at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) in Mpls, MN. I currently work as a clinical pharmacist at HCMC and a COVID-19 vaccine support pharmacist at CVS. In my spare time, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, watching movies and playing board games. I also love traveling!


What made you want to become a pharmacist?

My passion to help patients improve their health outcomes through medicine is the reason I pursued pharmacy. I love being able to optimize medication therapies and educate patients, so that they’re able to better understand their therapies and are motivated to adhere to them.


What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me as a clinical pharmacist in the hospital setting consists of: admitting new patients, verifying medication orders, obtaining medication histories, answering drug information questions, performing admission and discharge medication reconciliation, optimizing pharmacotherapy regimens & making recommendations to the medical team.


What do you wish more people knew about being a pharmacist?

There is a wide variety of career opportunities and specialties in pharmacy. Pharmacists can work in various settings, including but not limited to retail, hospitals, and clinical research. The pharmacist’s role is also continually expanding, diversifying the profession further.


Why do you love being a pharmacist?

Patient advocacy is largely why I love being a pharmacist. Ensuring that patients are set up for success when they leave the hospital is crucial to me. Whether that’s getting them the most affordable medication, choosing the best medication to fit their needs, or educating them about their medications to understand their importance; I am there to meet their needs and help them navigate through their healthcare.


What is one thing that you learned in pharmacy school that inspired you?

Learning the intricacies of medications in order to directly impact someone’s life was particularly inspirational to me!


Do you want to know more about what pharmacists do?

Pharmacists can work in a variety of positions within the field. Concordia graduate Erin McGurty works in oncology pharmacy, for example. If you’re curious about what pharmacy school is like, you can read our A Day in the Life series.

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