Here at Concordia we are blessed to be nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan and surrounded by the charming towns and vibrant greenery of the Mequon area. It's what we're known for.

But we also have a lot of other scenic spots right here on campus. My fellow peers and the staff here at Concordia are so fortunate to be able to live, learn, and thrive in such a beautiful and uncommon place. No matter where you choose to spend your time—indoors or outdoors, on the football field or in the library, on the bluff or in the chapel—you will be immersed in the beauty of our campus. Whether that is due to our rich history as a monastery and our Lutheran heritage or the artistry of God’s creation, there is no bad place to study, spend time with friends, or reflect on His love for us.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of some of my personal favorites on campus. 

1. The Bluff

The bluff is our trademark as a part of the Mequon community. Our location on Lake Michigan is one of the most alluring elements of CUW, and this area of campus is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the lake and get some fresh air. This landmark is the prized jewel of our campus, you could say it’s our thing. The bluff is frequented by students and community members looking to get outside and use the winding path and stairs to exercise with a gorgeous view.

2. Chapel of Christ Triumphant

The chapel one of the most visited and serene places on campus. The plethora of stained glass windows allow in multicolored light at all hours of the day. Students come here for a chapel service each week day and Compline in the evenings. We also have a traditional church service on Sundays.


The Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship (CCES) is our award-winning and LEED Platinum rated facility that focuses on providing environmental education for students from elementary school to college. With great access to the beach and a view of the lake, this building is a frequent study spot for students looking to study in the great outdoors.

4. The beach

Tucked into the bottom of the bluff, we also have a beach here on campus. With white sand and plenty of driftwood and large rocks, our hidden treasure is undeniably picturesque and often used by students for bonfires and relaxation. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the breadth of Lake Michigan without actually getting in the chilly water.

5. The courtyards

At the heart of campus, the Chapel Courtyard and the President’s Courtyard are hubs of activity. From spikeball, to medieval weaponry club, to students studying in hammocks, there is always something going on in these beautiful locations. Bordered by two rows of trees and directly outside the chapel, the Chapel Courtyard is a prime location for action at any time of the day. The President’s Courtyard is an Eden of green, surrounded by various classrooms and the library.

6. Pestle and mortar statue

The pharmacy graduate program is one of Concordia’s most illustrious features. The striking pestle and mortar statue in front of the building speaks to Concordia’s commitment to preserving our history and the integrity of each program we have here. The statue, made of bronze, is artistically portrayed with conveniently located benches surrounding it so students can enjoy the piece.

7. Fishers of Men statue

Another beautiful facet of our wonderful bluff is the Fishers of Men statue, located towards the entrance to campus. The statue depicts Peter and Andrew in their boat, pulling in a net from the “sea”. The arrangements and shades of the flowers surrounding the statue create the appearance of the flowing water the disciples would have been in. This piece is just another part of our identity as a Lutheran university, and our commitment to highlighting the beauty of God’s creation around us.

8. Martin Luther statue

Located right outside the administration building, Martin Luther himself stands in bronze to welcome students and visitors onto campus. Installed April 6th, 2016, our Luther statue is a recent addition to CUW. With one hand raised in constant blessing and the other holding an open Bible, his presence is welcoming and comforting to all who enter Concordia’s halls.

9. Sunrise on Coburg

Because our campus faces the lake to the east, we are treated to breathtaking sunrises every morning. The abundance of glass in our architecture highlights these displays by reflecting the rays and turning every building into a unique piece of art for a few hours each day. Any student determined enough to wake up at the crack of dawn will be treated to colorful demonstrations of God’s beautiful creation.

10. Sunset on the athletic fields

Making up half of our student body, Concordia’s athletes are a prevalent aspect of our identity as a university. The facilities these teams utilize on a daily basis are both functional and admirable in their aesthetic of Concordia blue and white. The fields are especially highlighted as the sun sets in the west. In their location at the back of campus, they are bathed in golden, burning, and effervescent light as each day comes to an end.

11. The tile

Below the feet of visitors, staff, and students lays one of the trademarks of Concordia: the colorful tile. Including a pleasant yellow, a warm garnet, and a lush green, one of the most striking elements of the floor is the lapis lazuli blue tiles. Traditionally, this color was exclusively used for depictions of Mary. As a former monastery, there are hidden gems of history such as this all over our campus.

— Madelyne Arrigoni is a senior studying English, Mass Communications, and Photography. She plans to graduate in 2022.

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