To Benefit Eligible Employees:

As of January 1, 2021 there will be a change to the Concordia Survivor Plan (Life Insurance) which is paid by Concordia University. Currently, Concordia University pays for benefit eligible employees to receive a life insurance benefit of 2x your base annual salary and a multiplier for dependent children. For those without dependent children, there will be no change to your current Survivor benefits; however, employees with dependent children on their plan should know the multiplier will no longer be calculated for the 2021 year. The survivor benefit for dependents on your plan will remain at $10,000 paid by Concordia University; this is no change to the current benefit. To View your Current Survivor Benefit: Please login to the portal to review your current Concordia Survivor Plan benefits under 2020 Personal Statement of Benefits channel as you review the CDSP information under the Survivor Benefits area.

Please note: For those of you who have indicated to us the high cost of Group Term Life (GTL), the government requirement to tax this potential life insurance benefit, you may find that the taxes you currently see associated with the GTL on your paychecks may decrease.

Due to this change, we’re giving benefit eligible employees a special opportunity to purchase additional supplemental life insurance through a guaranteed issue opportunity, up to $100,000 of extra coverage during the Open Enrollment period. What does that mean? 

You can purchase additional supplemental life insurance for yourself to provide financial benefits and protection to your family without the risk of being turned down. You will not be required to provide any medical information, which is called “evidence of insurability.”

*Please note: if you have been previously declined supplemental life coverage you are able to elect additional coverage but it will be subject to evidence of insurability.

What you have as of January 2021:

We are providing you with basic life insurance benefits through the Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan. Effective Jan. 1, 2021, your basic life benefits will be equal to two times your annual salary.

What you may need:

To get an idea of how much life insurance you may need, use the financial planning tools provided by Securian. This tool will help you review your current coverage and expenses to see if you might need more insurance. Click here. (link to:

Available guaranteed amounts:

    • If you have not previously elected supplemental life, you can elect up to $100,000 as guaranteed issue.
    • If you have previously elected, you may increase the amount by up to $100,000, but not to exceed a total benefit of $200,000, as guaranteed issue.

When you can purchase:

During Open Enrollment, Nov. 2-20, 2020, you will be able to purchase supplemental life Insurance. As you go through the enrollment process, you will see a block of text that is titled “Supplemental Life Insurance.” If you choose to purchase insurance, click there and you will be guided through the process.

Who to call:

If you have questions please contact Concordia Plans at or call 888-927-7526.

Please feel free to also contact Concordia University Human Resources Department at or or

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